Naturopathy as a treatment of diseases

The human race today is plagued with different diseases that came from several etiologies. Most of these diseases are caused by human abuse to themselves and to nature. Through time, humans developed a higher aspect of technology, which in turn pulls him away from his natural environment. This is most evident in the pollution that damages our environment each and every day. People pollute the air through factories and car exhaust which damages the ozone layer, thus, allowing harmful ultraviolet rays to cause skin cancer.

Cancer is just one of those diseases that were not present in the past when people are still in harmony with nature. People continue to abuse their bodies through vices like smoking, excessive alcohol drinking, and eating too much food which are packed with different chemicals and preservatives. The result of this constant abuse is disease. Hippocrates first laid down the laws of natural medicine. He stated that if nature will be provided with the opportunity, it can heal. In a religious point of view, the Creator provided us with all the things that we need.

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And if we only know what and where to look, definitely we can find a cure. Even the commercial medicines that we are using nowadays are getting the ingredients from nature. This just shows the healing power of natural occurring substances in nature. He also said that food should be medicine. This is very true because people eat to replenish the energy that they lost and to rejuvenate themselves. When one gets flu, there is no medicine that can effectively kill the causative virus. However, one can eat foods that are immune boosters, thus, helping one’s physical body to heal itself.

He also said that disease is an expression of purification. He also noted that all diseases are systemic, that it affects the person as a whole. Although people often feel symptoms on a localized area, what most people don’t know is that the symptom is just a part of a larger problem. A disease doesn’t only affect the physical wellbeing of a person but it also has an impact on the emotional and mental status of the person. It can depress an ill person and can cause the person to think of suicide.

Thus, it is not enough to cure the physical body but health care givers should also pay attention on other aspects of health of a person. This was pointed out by Plato, the Greek philosopher. He stated that the physicians usually neglect to address the totally of the health of the person resulting in failure to cure the patient. He urged that a patient should be treated as a whole and not just part of his body because he believed that it is impossible to have a part in order if the whole is out of sync.

It is not enough for the patient to take the prescribed medicines or to undergo a therapy without believing that he will be cured. This will contradict the process of healing because the person himself should will his body to heal. Thus, we should not underestimate the power of the mind. In treating a patient, a naturopath should not only focus on the symptom but also to the oneness of the person as based on the philosophy of Hippocrates and Plato. He should use several approach in treating the person.

A proposed method of treatment for a naturopath is having the patient natural, balanced diet and cleansing. A natural and balanced diet will not only nourish the patient but also facilitate the healing process by providing the patient’s body all the natural elements it needs to repair itself. Cleansing is also important because it not only removes toxins from the body but also renews the person as a whole. However, it is important to educate the patient before starting any treatment because the pattern of progress may involve reappearance of some signs and symptoms which may worry the patient.

Education will not only inform the patient about the process but also it will prepare him to accept a life of natural living. The patient should realize that lifestyle modification is the most important treatment must undergo, so the patient should be ready for all the adjustments he must make for him to be healed. The naturopathic way of approach should be incorporated in the management of patients by the physicians and that health care givers should accept that there is no better way to cure a patient but through naturopathy and the holistic approach to diseases.


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