Mystery was born in Zimbabwe during 1948. Smith

Mystery books usually has an unsolved mystery
at the beginning and by the end the mystery is resolved. Although in The
Number 1. Lady’s Detective Agency it is a bit different. The author
Alexander McCall Smith, was born in Zimbabwe during 1948. Smith was a first
year student in Botswana then later moved to Scotland and continued his studies
at law school. Today, he is teaching medical law and a writer to many famous
novels, including the series about Mma Precious Ramotswe. Smith has also been
teaching at universities in several African countries, including Botswana. The Number
Lady’s Detective Agency is the first book in a
series of five books.  The Number 1. Lady’s Detective
Agency isn’t really characterized as a mystery novel.  As a detective Mma Ramostwe is more interested
in cases aligning with moral values than she is with the supreme law. Do to
this, she is not much involved with the police but prefers going by the
traditional common rule. She starts a detective agency, which is the only in

Mma Precious Ramotswe is Botswana’s first lady
detective. She has been interested in solving mysteries and puzzles since she
was of small age. Mma Ramostwe learned many things from her father. For
example, to rely on her intelligence, patience, and most of all to follow her
dreams. She is a well-rounded individual, and takes pride in being
“traditionally built”. Which in other words is being fat. Even though she takes
pride in her enriched culture. In some ways she not as traditional. Traditionally,
women are meant to rely on males, for example their husband. Yet, Mma Ramotswe
differs because she is independent; and makes it apparent she does not need
man. This doesn’t mean she rejects men in general. She does enjoy the company
of man, or if she needs help asks

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Mma Precious Ramotswe is an extremely warm and loving
character. She is such a charming protagonist because of her positive attitude
and determination towards all of the obstacles thrown at her in life. She is so
different from other detectives because she is a woman, a person that has gone
through an enormous amount of hardships in her own life, and she is a detective
because that is what she loves. She doesn’t just do it for the purposes of
making money. She feels that all African people are her brothers and sisters
and it is her job to help them with their troubles. She tries to be fair with everyone due to
this she is seen with good personality. 


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