My “What after BDS?” His explanation that the


 My passion for dentistry came out when I was
participating in church’s dental program for differently-abled kids. During
this mission program, I got to know Dr. Sunil Cherian, who was leading the
camp. He told me he feels lucky being a dentist as he could create wonderful
smiles and serve the underprivileged. I gained a passion not only for dentistry
but especially for the way the dentists are able to interact with patients and
help them become more confident in themselves. I wish that in the future I could
become a dentist who devotes her life to the underprivileged, helping them ease
their pain. 


in dental camps during school was one of the things I enjoyed most. It was
during my fourth year of BDS, I attended a presentation by Dr. Chandrashekar
MDS. “What after BDS?” His explanation that the technological and international
exposure will help a dentist see treatments differently in the communities back
in India opened my prospects of pursuing studies in the US.

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applying to schools here, I grew curious about the dental field in U.S. As I
was here on an H4 visa, I had to work hard to find establishments that would
allow me to shadow dental personnel at work. Nevertheless, I persisted and got
the opportunity to shadow Dr. Shirley Mathews at Creekview Family Dentistry. I
perceived that the treatment approach towards patients in the US was different
from India. Dr. Mathews’s dedication and her skills in building a healthy
patient relationship inspired me to invest more to prepare for a DDS Career.


Shadowing pediatric residents of the Baylor Dental College at Texas Scottish
Rite Hospital for children, a charity-run hospital, I observed different
behavioral management and treatment plans that were adopted according to
patients and their medical conditions. One particular experience made a lasting
impact on me. A patient with cerebral palsy came for routine fillings and
cleaning.  The patient had a difficult
time holding still for the procedure. Mom was anxious about how the exam will
go. The dentist took his time, explained the procedure to the parent. He showed
his expertise in the procedure yet compassion towards the patient. This was an
important lesson that I will take on in my profession. I observed complex procedures
under general anesthesia in the operation room. Many of the medical conditions
I witnessed, I had only read about in textbooks. The experience talking to
patients and their parents were life changing, and gave me a new perspective in
patient management.


burning desire to keep the goal in line, made me take the extremely hard
decision of interrupting my married life and go back to India with two
toddlers. I worked under Dr. Eapen Cherian, a renowned Oral Pathologist and a
senate member of the Kerala University of Health Science. Dr. Cherian is an
author of stem cells. I seized this opportunity to learn more about stem cells
research he did, as stem cell has always puzzled me. I garnered knowledge about
the collection of stem cells, and its potential use in dental treatments. Each
day I spent under him was valuable in terms of learning treatment as well as
exploring new fields of dentistry.


I got my work authorization in the US. I started work as an RDA at Brident
Dental and Orthodontics and followed by as a lead RDA in Premier Dental Care in
Texas. Each day of my work, I was learning more. For instance, at Brident, one
of the tasks was to complete FMX-18 PA’s, intraoral pictures and one panoramic
x-ray within 20 minutes. Initially, I wasn’t able to complete, but within few
weeks I could. I noticed that taking x-rays at a faster pace, made the patient
comfortable, as most dreaded x-rays. This taught me the importance of time
management in patient care. At Premier Dental, I learned valuable lessons in
office procedures including handling of insurance and front office management.


working with Dr. Fu, the periodontologist at Brident, I had developed an
interest in Periodontology and Implantology. Therefore I started shadowing Dr.

Vadivel, a periodontologist, while I was working as a RDA. Dr. Vadivel
patiently explained each procedure in detail, which helped me to gain more
knowledge in this field.


experience in the U.S and India made me stronger both personally and
professionally. My short-term goal would be to expand my depth of knowledge and
skills in periodontology. However, my long-term goal is to put together a
hospital for underprivileged community. To accomplish these goals, I need a
demanding graduate program like that of Colorado Dental School, where I can
expand my knowledge through research, education and outreach programs. I have
confidence that going to this school would help me achieve my dreams. I want to
help patients everyday; rebuilding their confidence and ease their discomfort.

I would be proud to be a student at Colorado Dental School’s IDP program because
I know I will be equipped to be a dentist that enhances and impacts the
services of dentistry. By accepting me into this school, not only would you
impact my life, you would be equipping me to impact the lives of many other.


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