My interest, I along with my team members

My career aspirations are not childhood dreams but rather a consistent observation of knowledge and learning. It was all about finding my path and the journey started from my innate interest to explore nuances of the industry. Technology has surely changed our lives for the better. In just a fairly short period of time, it has already significantly changed the way we look at certain things and this has intrigued me and led me to believe there is much more to create, explore and discover in this field. Thus, I undertook my undergraduate degree from the reputed VidyaVardhaka College of Engineering affiliated to Visveswaraya Technological University. This seems to be my most logical extension in my academic career.My undergraduate study has provided me with a comprehensive and wide exposure to different courses like Digital Signal Processing, Microcontrollers, Microprocessors, Logic Design, Embedded Systems, VLSI and Linear Integrated Circuits that has enthralled me and have helped me enhance my knowledge. I have always adopted a rigorous approach to attain an in-depth understanding of the subject as this has shown in my academic records. To keep pace with fast growing technology, I had attended workshop on ‘Cloud Computing’ organized by IFC3 India & Neuromancers IIT Bhuvaneswar. An Industrial visit to “Master Control Facility” located in Hassan, where I was exposed to the operation of monitoring and controlling geo-stationary satellites launched by ISRO. Also, my natural ability to organize things makes me get involved in various academic and extra curriculum activities. My experience in contributing towards organizing NEN E WEEK celebrated by E-Cell Aspera has been motivating. Thus, I have also been part of organizing team for the National Level Technical Fest 2016 at VVCE.Thinking from different perspective had always been my strongest aspects that enabled me to learn and progress in this domain. Pursuing my interest, I along with my team members developed project “Remote Operated Spy Robot”. This project involved a camera that captures information surrounding the robot. In this, we deployed Microcontroller (AT89C51) and RF module (433MHz). My role in the project was to design the circuit and implement on circuit boards. Moreover, we simulated and implemented the code in Keil software. Finally, I got an opportunity to present this project in VIVACIOUS, Technical Fest at VVCE where I won first prize. This boosted my confidence level and strengthened my interest in research. Furthermore, enhancing my knowledge, during my third year, I developed a project “Gesture Controlled Robot” that involves controlling and monitoring the use of robotic vehicle with hand based movements using RF module and ARDUINO which is even more versatile. Experiences through these projects have helped me understand the basic concepts of designing, I learned extensively about sensors and various platforms. This has helped me apply my acquired knowledge for practical purpose.Apart from this, I also underwent training at Prasar Bharati (Doordarshan)-the oldest and the largest public broadcaster, to gain first-hand experience in GPS and GSM technologies. The scale at which the various baseband systems employed in the transmission and reception captivated me. I also gained a whole new perspective about Antenna and Wave propagation system. This driven me to choose my final year project “Peak to Average Power Ratio (PAPR) Reduction in OFDM Signal” where along with my aspirants we formulated a model for reducing the Peak to Average Power Ratio in OFDM Signals using Clipping technique and measuring the performance of BER using different modulation methods. Here, we implemented the system using MATLAB. We successfully reduced PAPR, so that this signal can be used for LTE application. It is a practical experience, applying the concepts learnt all through in making more interesting. I also presented a paper on same topic in “4th National Conference on Emerging Trends in Electronics and Communication” held at BGS Institute of Technology, Mandya.To further enhance my knowledge, I am currently undergoing a course in Embedded System and Design. As part of this training, I am exposed to various problems in embedded system design. The course is designed to cover all the aspects of programming and designing like C, Advanced C and Data Structure, C++, MATLAB & Simulink, ARM7 Architecture and Programming and Linux System Programming. I believe this course will give me an opportunity to intensify my knowledge in Embedded Systems.I feel that undergraduate study is only a prelude ground of preparation for acquiring knowledge of such a vast subject. As constant development of path-breaking technologies lead to erosion of older versions, I like to be in tandem with the latest technology. Graduate study is what would render me to build on this foundation through focused study. At this point, I pursuing my graduate studies in Electrical Engineering is the right thing to do, as it would put my abilities and interest together and give me all-round exposure to this field. I, therefore, want to acquaint myself with various technologies and research and widen my knowledge base by pursuing MS in your esteemed university. The Electrical Engineering program offered at your University with special emphasis on Embedded Systems is ideal match for my career goals. VLSI and Signal processing being my other areas of interest. To sum up, I have skills and aspiration and potential to prove an asset to your university, and now seek the right platform to move towards my goals. I would be grateful if I am given the privilege to pursue my Master’s Degree in your prestigious university. I look forward to a long and fruitful association with your university.  


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