My He coordinated a tour and shadowing experience.

interest in the field of medicine started when I was 14 years old.  It was early in the morning; a strong
earthquake shook Bam, a suburb of Kerman in Persia. Within an hour, we learned
of the devastation it had created, my family and I rushed to help others in
need. I was standing in the front line with emergency services staff and other
volunteers to attempt to rescue survivors from the ruins, and help the
casualties of the earthquake. This experience opened my eyes to the medical
field, and helped me realize I had a passion to help those in need. Offering
comfort, relieving pain and bringing individuals back to health was very

was my favorite subject in middle school, and by the time I was in high school,
I could not get enough. During my last year of high school, my grandmother was
diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and ultimately died from this condition. I was
involved in her care and comfort for the entire two years, which afforded me
the opportunity to communicate with doctors, and attend appointments to
advocate on her behalf. This experience showcased the importance of treating
each patient first and the medical condition second. It was the saddest moment
of my life when she passed away, as I held her in my arms during her last moments,
I committed my life to caring for those in need.

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my grandma`s death, I convinced my parents to send me to the United States to
study medicine. I left everything behind in Persia in pursuit of my dream; I
knew many big challenges were ahead. My passion and commitment for the field
has aided in my transition. Once I was accepted to the University of
Wisconsin-River Falls, I started taking pre-medical courses. I maintained a
3.97 GPA, was on the Dean’s List every semester, and was a member of Phi Kappa
Phi honor society.


My initial exposure to the health care field came from my uncle, a
doctor in Persia. He coordinated a tour and shadowing experience. His genuine interest and motivation in
his cases highlighted to me the privilege of having such a stimulating
profession. Two
years later, when my grandfather was in the hospital with complications from
diabetes, I got a chance to take a tour of the hospital and observe surgeries
first-hand. Additionally, I have been involved in a number of volunteer
opportunities including involvement in fundraising, helping provide meals for
homeless people, and many more charity works. Also,
I was working as a volunteer in Woodbury Senior Living, providing support to residents by assisting with daily living and
ensuring they take their medicine on time. I had been a volunteer at the
Health East Woodwinds Hospital, restocking supplies, escorting patients, and
collaborating with staff. Last
year, I shadowed four different doctors during day-to-day activities including
patient visits and procedures, which provided an opportunity to discuss
individual cases, diagnoses, and treatment plans with doctors.

After my graduation from University
of Wisconsin-River Falls, I moved to Erie, Pennsylvania to start my journey at
Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine. I was so eager to start the new
section of my life. My classes started in July 2017 and everything was going
well until the third week of medical school when I attended cadaver lab,
fainted repeatedly and was taken to Millcreek hospital on three occasions. My
health and the rigor of attending the cadaver lab became a major concern for
the LECOM faculty as well as my family. I signed the withdrawal papers when I was in not a good condition
to make such a decision that would be very consequential for my future. This is
a decision that I deeply regret as I was not able to make the right decision
that day due to the immense mental and physical stress. Now after 3-months of
full recovery with my psychologist, I am in perfect condition to restart
classes and succeed.


Medicine is an extremely gratifying and satisfying career path. My
passion and commitment in the field of medicine helped me to adapt to various
changes in my life and performed well throughout my education in the past five
years. My academic records demonstrate my ability and preparedness for medical
school. After four
months of full recovery with my psychologist, I truly believe, I am in perfect
condition to restart classes and succeed. I respectfully ask you to give your
previous student another chance to achieve her dream of becoming an Osteopathic




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