My GPA 2.7After 5 year of loyalty to

My education career started in 2009 when I was graduated from Russian Embassy school in Cyprus. In university of Nicosia I received a scholarship of 30% discount on my tuition fees for the first year of studies as the best student of Russian school.During my studies I worked as a full time sales assistant in Metro Trading, Nicosia in order to help my parents with the payment of university tuition fees. I was working 38 hours and studying 12 hours per week in university.The arrangement helped me to defray tuition and living costs, and it became critical for my personality to develope important professional and social skills that made it easier to find a better position after my graduation.  Unfortunately, I was unexperienced and to combine work and studies was influencing my university grades.By cutting into the time available for studying and attending classes I was receiving lo grades. In my 3rd year of studies I understood how to manage my time and decided my career goals and  a clear life objectives.I asked my manager with whom I already had built a reliable relations to have a flexible schedule and days-off during high-stress times like midterm and final exams. My GPS increased to 3.1. Unfortunately for me, it was already to late to save my final grade report. I  graduated with a bachelor’s degree in International Relations and European Studies with a GPA 2.7After 5 year of loyalty to Metro Trading I continued with my career path with a position of a Corporate administrator in the biggest law company in Cyprus – Christodoulos G. Vassiliades. At a new position which required management skills, sense of confidentiality, and cooperation, I was learning fast. The main tasks were keeping in touch with our customers by providing administrative and legal support regarding financial matters and bank transactions. I was discovering the world of corporate law and offshore companies where politics was playing the main role. Economic crisis that hit Cyprus in 2012 put some lights on shady world of offshore accounting, where firms serve some of the Russian and Ukrainian wealthiest and most powerful clients and leaded to a significant change in economic and bank system of the country. In 2016 I left Cyprus for more prosperous opportunities in Belgium. With this letter, I am applying for Master of Arts in Transatlantic Affairs, offered at College of Europe. With my current experience as an Administrative Services Manager professional, I wish to expand my practical knowledge of political and economical skills and turn my focus towards Translantic Relations and global governance. By studying the master programme available online, I have found that the subject material covered will best suit my professional goals. At present time, my priority is to find a challenging career opportunity in a progressive organization that offers opportunities for advancement and will  apply my experience and capabilities to achieve organisational goals. Why College of Europe? First of all, it is one of the world’s most reputable higher educational institution in postgraduate European studies.  Second, the  master degree will bing me the opportunity to be involved in European foreign affairs which I am very interested and increase my potentiality to find a desired position in an increasingly competitive job market. Moreover,  an internship related to Transatlantic affairs  it is a unique real-life work experience in a prospective career field. To study in university where were gratuated well-known politicians such as Helle Thorning-Schmidt, and Alexander Stubb were studying it is a big honour for me. 


I'm Harold!

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