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My Question is, what is antimatter and what does it do and what I found out is pretty cool.  I think antimatter is good.  Antimatter is basically a positive electron, and It is hard for us to keep control of.  Antimatter is not anti gravity, so it still might fall downward because it is identical to matter in some ways and way different in other ways But we are not completely sure.  I find antimatter really cool because it is something new and I think it is fun to learn new things.  Antimatter is created by an ultra high speed collision which is what makes antimatter.  Antimatter is definitely not antigravity because antigravity is the opposite of gravity and antimatter doesn’t fall up.    Antimatter was created or discovered around the big bang theory and I think it was created around the big bang theory not discovered around that time.  If antimatter and matter touched what do you think it does. What happens when they touch is they vanish in a flash of energy. Antimatter is also found around the outside of the earth and I personally find that amazing.  Paul Dirac Is the one that discovered it a couple years before Carl D. Anderson.   I learned that antimatter is a material composed of antiparticles and antimatter has a negative electron and antimatter has positive electrons. Antimatter is  anti atoms and that means the opposite of a normal atom.  I also learned that mankind wants to use antimatter as an energy source and antimatter doesn’t have enough energy stored to use as an energy source.  Anyways if we wanted to use it as an energy source the we would have to create it using the equation E=mc2 but if you did it would take a long time and a lot of money.  Antimatter has positrons, antiprotons, anti electrons and antiparticles are what antimatter is mostly composed of. I find that antimatter is not even close to what I thought it was before I started researching it and antimatter is way cooler than I expected. So what I found out is it is practically the complete opposite of matter.  Paul Dirac is the one who discover with his math equation and it is called the Dirac Equation.  Antimatter was discovered in 1928 when Paul Dirac discovered it.  Antimatter has antimatter particles and I think that is really awesome. Furthermore, I found that antimatter when it is moving and then it stops automatically the heat from the energy gets 10,000,000,000,000 celsius and i know that it is 18,000,000,000,032 Fahrenheit.  I think That that is really hot. I Found out that if you could control antimatter enough to store it even a lot of antimatter would only give you 3-5 seconds of power.    Furthermore i found that antimatter is good and ii think it would be awesome if you could harness antimatter for energy because then we wouldn’t have too use all of our nonrenewable resources.Furthermore if we could harness antimatter i think the world would be a better place and the sky would be clearer.


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