My Community Health Weekly Reflection

My Community Health Weekly Reflection

1)      At what moment in class this week did you feel most distanced from what was happening?  Why?

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A: There was actually no feeling of being “distant” in what already happened in class. In fact, I thought it was very helpful that the instructor provided us with an agendum for the day, which broke down the entire 3 hours in 10 or 20 minute increments. By this, I found the subject more interesting because the scheme used by the instructor eradicated boredom and of course the tendency of us being saturated in what is supposed to be scheduled for a 3-hour session.

2)      What action (by you, another student, or the faculty) that took place in class this week did you find most affirming or helpful?  Describe the action and why you identified it as affirming or helpful.

A: The moment in class I consider to have had the most affirmative impact was when the instructor connected with us, students, in such a way that there was no feeling of intimidation, rather a manifestation of humility by the instructor acting towards us. Mrs. Carter was wide open; she was able to share with us even her personal experiences in life. This made me think that she is a very approachable person, considering that she is older than anyone in the classroom, with all her achievements (degrees, certifications, etc).

            I really liked it when she shared about already having five children, following the statement that she has not married anyone so far. She was very humble to admit that being old does not mean being faultless. Her voice echoed: “I am human, I am flawed, too.”  Being like this, I think, will make a light atmosphere in class. Establishing this kind of connection, although there is of course no assurance of being laughed at or having a negative image, would certainly establish respect, because no matter how cruel life may be at her, she still made it in front of us. With her as the instructor, I imagine that learning could be easy and at the same time, enjoyable.

3)      What action (by you, another student, or the faculty) that took place this week did you find most puzzling or confusing?  Why?  What would have helped to make it less puzzling or confusing?

A:  The community final project was not completely clear, but I have an understanding or expectation that this would happen on the first day of class. The instructor did not elaborate much in what she is expecting from the students, rather on the aspect of what she is not expecting (e.g. plagiarism). I hope we will talk more about what the instructor expects. It would be nice to hear more about what she wants. Of course it would be easier for the instructor to engage with questions from the students regarding the points in the project that are not clear as of the moment, since these reflect what ideas were not understood in the first discussion.

4)      What about this week’s class surprised you the most?  This could be something about your own reactions to what went on, something that someone did, or anything else that occurs to you.

A:  Whether we admit it or not, every student imagines his/her teacher to be one of the enemies in school, one of the reasons to either go to school because of strictness, or be absented because of the lack of enthusiasm as affected by the instructor’s attitude and behavior. Surprisingly, the instructor made an impression that the class would be more and more exciting in the future, and this smashed every negative connotation that I personally have towards teachers, specifically those that I meet at first time.

Other comment, suggestion, and concerns:

            I will keep these questions in mind during next weeks’ lecture.  This is a great tactic to make us exert closer attention in class. I hope that every concern we are able to formulate will be addressed, therefore improving the performance of the instructor and in effect the performance of the class. I believe that this kind of reflection would certainly build good relationships between instructors and students. Also, clearing out all expectations will surely eliminate future troubles. Kudos to Mrs. Carter!



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