Music affects

Music affects the human brain in many different ways; it heals, strengthens, and unlocks the human spirits connection to the world. The importance to music and the brain is that it can be a song dose of vitamin C, music can help resolve pain in areas in the body; as well as, its connections with society helping the imagination run wild as it has helps Thomas Jefferson and Albert Einstein with their work it can also help you unlock your creative spirit so you can one day solve problems to your future.

The first part is healing; by listening to classical music it is almost like taking Vitamin C, but instead of the Vitamin you swallow it is the sonic does of sound through the ear. Alfred Tomatis from the M. I. N. D Institute observes that the most stimulating and changing effects of sound are in the high frequency range. You might not want to move and dance to this sound, but the way Tomatis believes is the higher the frequency in small doses will help activate the brain so it increases attentiveness.

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You can create this effect by turning the bass down low, and the turn the treble up. For example: like listening to the high hiss of a cassette. Doing this for a few minutes in the day will help can be helpful you want to remain alert and awake. The second part is that it strengthens the mind; the influence of music on the society can be seen very clear in modern history. Music helped Thomas Jefferson write the declaration of Independence; when Jefferson could not figure out what words to write down, he would play his violin until words came out of his mind and onto paper.

The music increased his brain functions so that he could write what he wanted easily, anyone can do this all you need is a little music to strengthen your inspirations. On that idea Albert Einstein wasn’t always smart; his teachers told his parents to take him out of school, and immediately put him to work in the world. Albert’s parents did not take to the liking of that, so Albert’s mother one day decided to purchase him a violin. With a few lesson’s and simple improvisation Albert became really good at the violin; his favorite pieces were Mozart and Bach, with improvising these pieces for a few years and going to college.

Albert Einstein created his theory to relativity; as well as, the popular formula E=MC2. Music was clearly Albert’s way to strengthen his mind, and if he were alive today he would continue playing music because it was his passion The last part is that music can help you unlock your creative spirit; just a few minutes or more of listening or playing music a day can help people with writer’s blocks; as well as also helping to strengthen the mind. You can listen to all kinds of music; for example: classical, jazz, blues, rock, country and yes even rap can be a genre of choice.

There are no wrongs to music because it is proven to help you open your creative spirit; I wrote this funny rap this year: Today I was tired Today I was board Today I was stuck And feeling like muck. I started to rap I started to move In only five seconds I was in a new groove. It might take some practice becoming a rapper, and no one can pull it off successfully though we try and try. I listen to music in the morning, afternoon and evening so you can see how it unlocks my creative spirit.

Creativity can be detailed in many ways; it can take a few words, a few lines or you could be trying to accomplish something for work or a school assignment. Listening to music can clearly open the creative spirit as is can also strengthen, by thinking and learning people don’t need to have their mind on any matter because with the power of music the brain gives you the outcome you’re looking for. Conclusion Thank God for the serious musicians who must compose and play it right, who feel duty bound to interoperate the Gods in the right measure on the perfect instrument to the perfect hall.

Thank God for those who sing the blues to ease the pain of addiction and abuse. Thank God for those who sing all night, and feel the sweetness of music. The eternal song is given in all of us to reach our desires in life; many passions that we want in our future are the creativeness of the minds of humans can provide themselves. The bridge to life to life and death is the sounds of people spirits, healing the wound to strength to the mind and unlock the creative spirit. I. REFOCUS AUDIENCE ATTENTION I would like to share a few quotes that I know.

“Music will not only help understand how we think, reason, and create, but will enable us to learn how to bring each child’s potential to its highest level. ” -Dr. Gordon Shaw, co-founder and chairmain, M. I. N. D Institute. Lastly a closer quote; “The weaver God weaves, and by that weaving is deafened, that hears no mortal voice, and by that humming, we too, who look on the loom are deafened. And on when we escape its will we hear thousand voices that will speak through it. ” -Herman Melville, MOBY DICK


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