Muscle tissue these are cardiac, smooth and skeletal

Muscle tissue –there are 3 types of muscle tissue these are cardiac,
smooth and skeletal each differ in structure and function some sharing
similarities and having many differences

One thing none of the muscle tissue types have in common is
the locations in which they are found in the body starting the skeletal muscle
tissue which in the body is located attached to bones whereas cardiac muscle
tissue can be found only in the walls of the heart. Finally smooth muscle
tissue can be located in hollow structures in the body such as the intestines,
blood vessels, the airways to the lungs and the stomach.

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The function of the skeletal muscle tissue is to move the
body it for fills its function as it contacts which pull tendons and therefore
cause the muscle to shorten and the bone to move.

 The function of the
cardiac muscle tissue is pump blood throughout the body it does this by
contacted and pushing blood from the heart through arteries around the body.

Finally the function of the smooth muscle tissue is to
contract the vessels around it this helps digestion as smooth muscles helps
food along the gastrointestinal tract and breaks it down further.


Smooth muscle tissue is unlike skeletal and cardiac muscle in
terms of structure from the fact it is not striated and the other two muscle
tissues are striated, they are striated as under a microscope it is covered in
light and dark bands. Instead of being striated the smooth muscle tissue are
small and the ends reduce in size containing one nucleus in each muscle cell ,
instead of having a cylinder shaped structure like the skeletal muscle tissue
which is long and covered in many nuclei and again different to the shape of
the cardiac muscle tissue which is long like the skeletal muscle tissue but
branches out into a shape similar to the letter y attached to other fibres by
plasma membranes or intercalated discs however like the smooth muscle tissue it
also has just one central located nucleus.

Skeletal, cardiac and smooth muscle tissues all contract to
for fill there functions for example skeletal muscle tissue contacts so that we
can move and cardiac muscle contracts to pump blood around the body. This is a
similarity that all of the three muscle tissues have.

Both cardiac and smooth muscle tissues have involuntary control
which is when you move your body in an unintended way whereas skeletal muscle
has voluntary movement meaning that it is controlled by you.

Smooth muscle tissue and skeletal muscle tissue both have
similarities in terms of their organelles as they both contain endoplasmic
reticulum the endoplasmic reticulum has many roles like transporting and
folding of proteins mainly carrying them to the Golgi apparatus.

Skeletal muscle and smooth muscle tissue have neuromuscular
junctions this causes acetylcholine to be released into the synapse.

One difference of the muscle tissue types is fatigue, as
skeletal muscle tissue fatigues much quicker than cardiac or smooth muscle
tissue this is because high intensity of exercise lead to muscles fatiguing and
it is skeletal muscle that is always moving and being used to exercise.


One reason why we need the difference of the muscle types in
one sense is for example they all carry out different individual roles in the
body and we need all of these things to move to digest food and to pump blood
these are all vital things we need in our day to day lives so its good they all
have different functions.

similarity all the muscle tissues share is they all contain actin and myosin this
is important as we need actin and myosin for things such as cell movement, interaction
from the actin myosin allow contractions in the muscle which is another
similarity that all the tissue types share helping them to carry out their
function so without these they could not forfill their function for example
cardiac muscle tissue couldn’t pump blood through the body


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