Multistage Fitness Test

Suitable – The multistage fitness test is a suitable test. Reasons being it tests how far you can run for, and these tests how fit you are. I would say it’s suitable for sports teams and school groups (students), but not for populations in which a maximal exercise test would be contraindicated. The test is simple to set up, and you won’t need to spend fortunes on equipment; all you need is a 20m running space (a non-slip surface), a CD player, a recording sheet (to record the results), cones that are 20m apart, and the bleep test CD.

People may think it’s not suitable because there may be people who have asthma, and this will not be a fair way to test their fitness. Or someone can be injured and that can affect their running. Reliable – The results on the multistage fitness test are reliable, but the reliability of the test would depend on how strict the test is run and the practice allowed for the subjects. I would say that the test would only reliable depending on the conductor.

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Reason being, the conductor may pull you out when he feels that you’re not meeting the bleeps and he thinks that you’re giving up. Normally, a conductor can give the students 3 lives, and then after the 3rd life he would take you out (so that you have a chance). People may think that the test is not reliable because like I said above, someone may have an injury and that may affect their running, which will affect their result. Valid – The multistage fitness test is valid depending on how accurate the distance measurement to run is.

Reason being the person may have marked the 20 meters, 1 meter less, or 1 meter more – this could affect the results. The quality of the equipment would be valid because you are using a something that could be used around the world, so it is accurate; but if the bleep test was run by a whistle, it wouldn’t be accurate because the whistle could be blown at different times. Illinois Agility Suitable – The Illinois test is a suitable test to test your agility. Reason being


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