Movement and an exercise physiologist that use a

Movement Mastery is a company
that provides health related services and in Mentone city. We are a professional
company with therapists that are specialists in their field and their primary
goal is to be fully committed to their patients by giving them an effective

Our primary focus are our
patients as we keep in check their individual needs and with our ultimate care
they are guided towards a full recovery in an optimal and swift manner.  

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Our team consist of myotherapists,
remedial massage therapists and an exercise physiologist that use a variety of
techniques to help the patients in every way possible.

A treatment plan will be designed
after we spot the responsible factors by running a fully functional and
structural analysis. This allows us to smoothly transition our patients from
their chronic state to a full recovery in a timely fashion.

The most common musculoskeletal dysfunctions
that we counter range from headaches to foot pain. Functional and structural
misalignment are the two factors that cause all types of musculoskeletal

Our company also offers a variety
of rehabilitation exercises that are intelligently combined with therapeutic treatments
that further speeds up our patient’s recovery. Special treatments are given for
any kind of pain that arises if one has a bad posture or if one feels pain when
doing a special movement.

We will provide with an initial assessment
right after our specialized therapists have an initial consulting session with
you about your treatment plan. Movement Mastery provides treatment plans that are
evidence based and are carefully planned to optimize function and minimize

Our professional team enlightens
our patients on a variety of health-related issues like injury prevention,
increasing mobility, improving their general posture and decreasing stiffness
around their joints. We also provide the facility to book your sessions online before
you come to the clinic.

We have a diverse range of patients
that range from athletes, adults, children or individuals who are suffering
from chronic pain or injuries. Movement Mastery is very receptive to feedback
as we want to be certain that our patients and staff are fully satisfied all
the time.


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