Motivation towards becoming a Physician Assistant

My father, a medical doctor has been a source of notable inspiration for me since my early schooling days. The great success of my father as a medical practitioner gave me something to admire and contemplate day in day out. I developed an attitude since childhood which always pointed to the possibility of me becoming a medical profession when I grew up. During school holidays, my father used to go with me to his work place where he spent most of his time working long hours.

The sight of patients undergoing a lot of pain made me develop a caring attitude for them as I figured out that their hope of recovering was in the hands of nurses and doctors. Through my observant nature I was able to note the clear feeling of satisfaction on the face of my father when he came home and narrated to my mother and I on the many patients who were suffering from fatal illnesses but through medical intervention they regained their good health.

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My decision and objective of pursuing my studies in the medical field was therefore largely influenced by my dad who also did not hesitate to take the opportunity of encouraging me to work extra hard in school if at all I wanted to enjoy the benefits associated with the great profession. My joining high school was also an avenue for me to ignite the potential that had been dormant in me for a long time. Fortunately, the high school upheld the practical aspect of sciences which I explored to my level best. Eventually, I got excellent grades which landed me in College.

This was the level at which I was expected to make a clear and well thought decision on what to study. However this was not a big task for me since I had made the decision to pursue nursing to its depths a long time ago. For three years, I pursued a course in nursing and the experience in College signaled that I had just began the race towards my dream. In addition, the exposure I got was tremendous as I interacted with different students who shared similar ambitions. It equally bears noting that I had experienced lecturers who facilitated the glowing of my potential.

The fact that I took the lead in performance and my understanding of medical concepts was a source of admiration to many. Additionally, within the three years I utilized every opportunity to ensure that my vision a reality and as such I joined nursing school in order to further this worthy and noble course. I had another avenue in which practical aspects of nursing dominated. This was the point of preparation before entering the job market which had a dire need for qualified nurses. The course took a period of two and a half years during which the training was intensified though theory occupied about 70% of the whole curriculum.

After graduating as a general nurse, I worked in different settings and through exposure I was able to gain more experience. Working in the community was a tremendous moment for me since it gave me the satisfaction that I used to observe on the face of my father. Seeing medicine practically applied in situations to treat various mind and body maladies was a breath taking experience. However, I have never been complacent in my whole life and my ambition to work in different settings landed me in a hospital where I worked in the position of a Charge Nurse.

During this period I developed the interest of becoming a Physician Assistant. However, I had to work in the Charge Nurse position for sometime before going back to school to complete the prerequisites for the Physician Assistant School. The enthusiasm of becoming a Physician Assistant has been accompanied by quite a large number of achievements and my objective of improving the lives of many in a different capacity. Into the bargain, is the fact that I became a Certified Emergency Nurse after passing the required exam.

On the same note, in the year 2008 I received the Emergency Nurse of the year Award from the emergency medicine residents at my working facility. Being one of the four nurses who had the privilege of receiving Level 3 Professional Development recognition award in the entire hospital system made me more optimistic in the quest to develop my clinical skills further. In addition, I am the author of two articles that have been accepted for publication in the Journal of Emergency Medicine and also in the Journal of Emergency Nursing. My skills in the medical field have been further enhanced by the responsibilities bestowed upon me.

Foe instance, I was the co-chair of the shared Governance Practice and Standards Council in the Adult Emergency Department. Besides, I was the Magnet Champion which is a committee for Magnet Designation for my unit. I have also been a volunteer at the Children’s Fair for the last two years where we teach 5th grade students from all over the state of Mississippi about careers in health care. My decision to become a Physician Assistant has therefore been driven by the desire to upgrade the level of health care which I am able to provide.


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