Most sports car really is. It has ground

Most beautiful
car look pretty awesome at first glance. Apart from a bunch of technical
insights, this car is really beautiful physically. Here some of the really wonderful
car mentioned.


1.      BMWi8

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A hybrid sports car which is a part of
BMW’s project fleet “Project i”. It is such a car what really redefined what is
a sports car really is. It has ground hugging proportions and butterfly doors.
This is considered as one of the most striking car of BMW ever. However, it got
some average quality in terms of fuel consumption.


2.      Audi R8

A two seated mid-level engine used the all
wheel driving system by Audi’s trademark Quattro. Everything somebody wants in
a sports car will get here. For instance it is beautiful to behold, easy to
live with and it really awesome to drive. Also, it has some handsome interior
features consists a 12.3 inch configurable display instead of traditional

3.      Lamborghini Huracan

A super sports car produced by Lamborghini
to replace the Lamborghini’s sales leader and most produced car, Gallardo. Huracan
has a elegant design and simply luxurious to look at.   Unfortunately there is no manual transmission
at all. Also, the good news is, it has a convertible version (Spyder) is also


LC 500

LC500 is an athletic sustainable super sports car which is really stylish. Some
of its features are given below

steering and brakes

in performance

in conception



electric motors



Ford GT

The original ford what was introduced in 2005 by a
American manufacturer Ford GT. Twin-turbo 3.5-liter V-6 employs with a
seven-speed dual-clutch and of course automatic to route its 647 hp to the
ground. It has an adjustable suspension, active-aero elements, and carbon-fiber
construction added to the GT’s awesome performance. Bigger tires provide considerable
amounts of grip and also surprisingly refined.

6. Bugatti Veyron

Buggati Veyron
is a German production produced by Volswagon and developed by Molsheim group of
France.  It is considered as the ultimate
super sport car. Perhaps Veyron is the greatest supercar ever. It can make
200mph plus speed including turbo speed with all-wheel drive.


7. Nissan GTR

The Nissan GTR
is high performance two door vehicle. It is said to be the successor of the
Nissan Skyline GTR. The most attractive feature is price. The price is
comparatively lower than the price of Porches 911 Turbo. Once it has won the
Britain’s best car awards of 2008. That surely proved about the internal
features and technical depth of this car. 

8. Chevy Corvette

convertible super sports car by GM Motorama has been produced by seven
generations. The first model was introduced on 1953. It has 2 door coupes. Though
this car a number of good features in both interior and exterior part. However,
this car several limitations too. For example, automatic emergency braking,
forward collision warning and blind spot monitoring are not available in this

9. Honda Acura

Japanese automaker Honda has produced this super utility
vehicle. This brand consists of six Acura models like MDX, RDX, RL, TL, TSX,
ZDX. Since 1986, this car is very rare in road. Still they have excellent
reputation because of its luxury refinement.

10. Mercedes Benz

The German company Daimler AG manufactured Mercedes-Benz as
it a global brand. One of the finest interiors with high grade material.
Therefore, this super luxury car has refined, powerful engines. In the upcoming
car proximity key and push button start now will be available. Besides,
rearview camera will be included in the base model.



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