Most has; the feeling that you are unattractive

Most Overbearing Anxiety
Women Envisage in a Relationship

There are times that women happen to be apprehensive concerning
their relationship. This anxiety often affects the bond of the
relationship.  Below are lists of common
self-doubts of women who are in a relationship with a man. I hope that this
will make you calm and relax considering that you are not alone.

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1.      Feeling
that you are unattractive to your partner

It may not sound normal, but even if your
man keeps on reassuring that you are the most delightful  creature he ever has; the feeling that you are
unattractive still persist. Whenever your man admires another woman, you would
always cower and feel distressed over how you look.


2.      You
entertain the idea that your man has lost interest in you.

More often than not, when your man
refuses to have dinner with you or perhaps becomes timid, you will
immediately jump to conclusion that you caused the sudden change of behavior.
You won’t consider other factors outside your relationship because of your


3.      Panic when you are not involved in his plan.

Being paranoid is not that easy you know. Just because your man
hangs out with his friends overnight you will freak out. You will then wallow in
the idea that your man is dating with someone else or probably he just wants to
dispose of your existence.


4.      Avoid confrontation.

Every time a confrontation is broiling up, you will
always evade the topic fearing that it will lead to a breakup. This is a
typical woman’s fear that boils down to the concept of an ideal relationship;
thus, thwart your logical thinking.


5.      Digging
skeletons out of his closet

Unearthing your partner’s entire relationship
history just to make sure that you are better than the ex is sheer stupidity. Of
course, you want to be the best in your partner’s eyes, but digging into the
past of your partner’s relationship will only make you crush your self-esteem.


6.      Being suspicious
and cynical

This attitude boils down perhaps from
your prior relationship where your past partner cheats on you. Another factor
is that you think that you do not deserve to have that relationship. This
thought supersedes all the devotion and adoration of your partner. Your
paranoia will not stop until your partner leaves you. Only then you will
realize that it’s you who pushed him out of the picture not him being


7.      You
consider your partner as a competitor.

If both of you and your partner are
achievers, chances are you will consider each other as competitors. But may I
ask you, what are you competing for? Whether you will admit or not, but the
fact remains; that when a couple is ambition-driven there will always come a
time, that the fear of making more money than the other spouse will overpower
each of you. It’s true that all you wanted is your partner to be happy; but
then again, deep inside you, is jealousy of his achievements. What do you


8.      You will
lose all your senses when he doesn’t support you.

Normally, all women want compliments and
appreciations. It will make you feel elated. However, in the absence of these,
it will lead you to believe that you are unattractive, and your partner falls
out of love on you. For that, your partner in no way forgets to show admiration
on you; otherwise, you will feel unloved and consider your relationship a


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