Microsoft name it (Fig.1).Figure 1: Creation of VM

Microsoft Azure is a cloud platform and is used to create and deploy applications. There are many benefits regarding this cloud platform due to its security because it is easy to set up credentials for every connected devices. It runs Windows or Linux VM Cloud. Another benefit is utility computing – pay only for what you use . There are several steps to accomplish the demonstration.The first step is creating a virtual machine in Windows .To create a virtual machine firstly it is necessary to sign up an account in Microsoft Azure , create a virtual machine and then name it (Fig.1).Figure 1: Creation of VM 13.After the creation of the virtual machine to connect with it we need the Virtual IP Address ,which we can find at the Overview tab (Fig.2) .The connection with the virtual machine is done by Remote Desktop Connection.Figure 2: Overview of VM 13.The second step is the installation of WAMP server in the virtual machine. WAMP stands for W-Windows: is the Operating System, A-Apache : is the web server, M-MySQL : is the database and P-PHP : is the web scripting software. The advantage of using WAMP server is that we do not need to install individually Apache, MySQL and PHP .WAMP provides web developers with 4 key elements of a web server. After the installation of the WAMP server is completed , it will be shown a green color icon in the task bar, which means that services are running.Then the next step is opening the PHP My admin in the green icon in order to create a database and an user.After the creation of the database WordPress will be able to communicate with the server.The following step will be the creation of a folder in which will be saved the WordPress files. The steps to create the folder are : navigate to the default directory, open “www” in WAMP and there you can create the folder in which we are going to save the website. In the “www” we can save as many websites as we create. After the installation of WordPress files is finished we have to extract them to the folder that we already created .When this step is completed just type http://localhost/folder to start the configuration of WordPress. After filling in the required information for the configuration we are at the final step : launch the website. To see the website we already created we need to type : http://localhost/(name of the folder in www).


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