Michelle provides healthy food in schools. In today’s

Michelle Obama, the First Lady, came up with the campaign “Let’s Move!” to help reduce the obesity in today’s generation. She wanted to start now so the children born into this generation will grow up healthier and making better diet decisions. She believes that if they grow up healthier then they’ll have a better life and the opportunity to follow their dreams. This campaign began with the goal of setting children on the right and healthy path early before they grow too old and too used to the unhealthy life that most people live today. This also helps the parents lead their children to the right path because it is made to help them as well with guiding their children. It gives them certain information that they can put to use when building up a healthy life. This campaign not only provides information for parents but it also provides healthy food in schools. In today’s schools there are more varieties of vegetables and fruits for students to choose from. This allows them to start eating more healthy. “Let’s Move!” also provides families and others to have access to more affordable healthy foods. It also encourages kids to be more physically active and encourages them to go out and play and join sports. Many people are involved in this campaign such as parents, health care professionals, schools, the government, organizations, etc. The “Let’s Move!” campaign was launched nearly six years ago and Michelle Obama has made a lot of progress throughout the past six years. She made business deals and formed partnerships with many people in order to get the campaign to where it is today. Forming these partnerships allowed her to convince some businesses to cut down the salt, sugar and fat from food. The president himself made some changes as well to help out the First Lady with her campaign. Some changes he has made, were made through laws. He made it a requirement for chain restaurants, movie theatres, and take-out pizzerias to list the amount of calories for the food on their menus. Schools are also required to serve more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low fat dairy products. The changes to school lunch didn’t get a really good response and some people didn’t like the fact that school lunch had so many changes and how the whole lunch consisted of mostly fruits and vegetables and unappetizing meat. Many people responded against this online and eventually Congress changed a little of it back to how it used to be but they still have a certain amount of vegetables and fruits in it. Many people support what Michelle and Barack Obama are doing. They are very appreciative of it because no one has really taken enough time in the past to create a difference like this one. They are working on something to improve the lives of children and others by encouraging them to be active and eating healthier. In results of the campaign obesity of children has decreased between 2003 and 2012. Also some states reported that they have noticed some progress in the decreasing of obesity for disadvantaged children. Although there is one issue that might take a really long while solve which is that one-thirds of American children face obesity and that puts them at a disadvantage when trying to create a better and healthy way of living. It is a major public health crisis that can hold back the potentials of a whole generation and that is today’s generation. It also might take trillions of dollars for health-care costs to help these children out. This issue has lasted for 20 years and no one knows how much longer it is going to last. Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move!” campaign is set to play a big role in this issue because its main goal is to decrease the obesity epidemic. The number of obese children has tripled over the past three decades and that is because of the fact that they do not pay attention to what they’re eating and what is in their food and how it affects them. Obesity and overweight children is higher in the African American and Hispanic community. It is said to be higher than it is in any other community. Nearly 40% of the children in those communities are obese or overweight. This is the issue that Michelle Obama is targeting because if nothing is done about this then about one third of all children born in 2000 or later might suffer from diabetes at some point in their lives. The “Let’s Move!” campaign has a goal and that is to prevent that from happening. People’s lives were not always like this. Three to four decades ago adults, teens, and children lived healthier and better lives. They would have daily routines and specific portions of food and diets. Unlike today where kids eat as much as they want and whatever they wish to eat, children a few decades ago were much healthier. Their lives consisted of going out and being active. Everyday they would go out and play outside whether it be at school or after school. They would spend hours playing outside, some even usually stayed out till dinner time. Back then they all usually walked to school and had recess daily. At home their meals were portioned everyday. They would have a certain amount of foods and they would also usually be careful of what they eat and their calorie intake. They did not constantly eat a lot of sweets or sugar. They occasionally had sweets after they ate dinner or after a meal during the day. Their home made dinners usually always consisted of vegetables on the plate. They would typically include vegetables in their daily meals to keep themselves healthy enough. Today, many things are different and opposite of how it was thirty to forty years ago. Children today are extremely inactive. They barely spend anytime outside and not many participate in sports or play any sort of physical activity. They stay inside too long and they spend the majority of their time watching TV, playing video game, their phones and on the internet. This is unhealthy for children and teens, even adults. It is the issue that leads to inactivity and people who are inactive are not as healthy and do not have as many benefits as the person who is active and healthy. Today parents are not as involved in their kids lives as parents were before. Before the parents would be available enough to cook dinner for their kids. This was beneficial for them because they got to cook it however they wanted and include anything they wanted in the dishes. Many people portioned their foods, they would only eat a certain amount of certain foods and their calorie intake would be monitored carefully in order for them to keep track of what they eat and how many calories you are supposed to take in on average daily. Today many parents are unable to stay home and make a proper meal for their kids because they are usually busy with work. Since they cannot make a proper home cooked meal all the time, snacking between meals became more common and many people would eat small snacks instead of eating a healthy and proper meal. A few decades ago kids would not frequently snacks because they ate normal daily meals and would usually snack at least once everyday. Over the years kids started to snack more often and that increased their intake of calories by 200 extra calories. People now do not portion their foods like people did before. They eat and drink in big portions. They do not watch out for how many calories a certain meal or drink has, they just eat whatever they wish to eat, which everyone is free to do so but is not healthy for you at all. Today we all consume more calories, sweets, fat and oils than people did nearly 40 years. We eat 31% more calories, 56% more fats and oils, and 14% more sugars and sweeteners. These percentages were not nearly as high a few decades ago. They just grew immensely over the years and that is when communities started to get affected. The results of the increased numbers and percentages started to show because many people and children started to suffer from overweight or obesity. Also the inactivity of today’s children is really unhealthy. Children from the ages of eight to eighteen watch TV and use the internet in an average of seven and a half hours daily. This is also another factor that leads to obesity. The “Let’s Move!” campaign helps parents keep their children healthy and have a healthier life. It guides them to have a better diet and life. Since now parents are always so busy with work and other things, this campaign is here to help them manage things such as their health. There are many nutrition and food companies that paired up with Michelle Obama to allow the campaign progress more. They are more experienced when it comes to nutrition and managing the way one eats. They paired up with companies such as the Dietary Guidelines for Americans which provides individuals with science-based advice to promote health and reduce the chances of an chronic diseases. It advises Americans to eat fewer calories, be more physically active, and be careful of what they eat. They also paired up with MyPlate which is the U.S Department of Agriculture’s new food icon. This company helps people choose what they should eat and how much they should eat. It helps you choose what to put on your plate and serves as a reminder that you should always fill your at least half your plate with fruits and vegetables. They also show you what a balanced meal is, which consists of whole grains, lean proteins, and low fat dairy. The ‘Let’s Move!” campaign has helped a lot with the obesity epidemic in the United States. Although they don’t know what to really do about the issue that one thirds of children in America face obesity, they still did as much as they could to help the situation and make it better. In my opinion, I think that this campaign is a start to something really good for the country because so many people are extremely unhealthy. This has done more to help people who face obesity than anyone or anything else and I feel like with more work they can make a big difference and much more progress.


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