Mexican country. Santa Anna is one of the

Mexican society has changed a lot because they tried to have their independence by making 3 big revolutions. All these 3 revolutions connected with different countries and governments, like America, Spain and French. At first, they went against America and French and loses these battles. But when they become in one side, when they united and went against Spain in order to have an independence, they won. Mexico wanted independence because they tired to be under control of 4 governments. After 11 years of war for a Mexican independence, Spanish Viceroy Juan de O’Donojú signs “the Treaty of Córdoba”. In September 16, 1810 Miguel Hidalgo and Costilla, Catholic Minister wanted people to distribution of land correctly. The conflict began in 1810 with Spain in Mexico, after Napoleon and his army occupied Spain. the priest Miguel Hidalgo-i-Costilla was in charge of this uprising and having collected an army of 80,000 people decided to go to Guadalajara. There Hidalgo publishes decrees on the abolition of the poll tax, the release of slaves, the destruction of monopolies on the production and sale of gunpowder, tobacco, wine, the reduction of alcabala and the return of the lands leased from them to the Indians. In December, he issued a manifesto calling on all sectors of society to fight against the colonialists. In March, Hidalgo was captured shot, but he is still considered the national hero of the country. Santa  Anna is one of the three incredible Mexican political figures and is extremely dubious ever. In the decision of 1833 Santa Anna won by the biggest dominant part in Mexican history and his VP would be Valentin Gomez Farias, both were acknowledged liberals. Outside undertakings amid the time of Santa Anna were pained most definitely and in 1838 Mexico ended up plainly associated with a war with France. From 1815 to 1821 the forces of supporters of independence consisted mainly of separate detachments of partisans. From this environment stood two people – Guadalupe Victoria from Oaxaca and Vicente Guerrero of Puebla, who are able to command troops and enjoy the confidence of their followers. In 1910, as a major aspect of the festivals denoting the centennial of the Hidalgo revolt of 1810, President Porfirio Díaz introduced the landmark to Mexico’s political division from Spain, the Angel of Independence on Avenida Reforma. In conclusion, I can say that even when Mexico tried to take an independence because they were tired of being under control, they did it well. They had a lot of conflicts and cooperation with different governments and rulers, but now they are living separately from America and Spain.


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