Medical facilities and specialists

Individual Insurance Another step that can be taken is to award income tax deduction to those people who are interested in buying health insurance. This will entice them to go for private health insurance. Private health insurance specifically offers individuals more control, choice and continuity in coverage. The best possible way to ensure that individuals or families acquire it, would be to provide them with a positive incentives, so the eventual insurance coverage adequately fits their needs. Along with income tax deductions, personal tax credits on the lines of tax credits to the large companies can also be provided (Ronald et. al, 2009).

This will surely entice them to go for health insurance and importantly equip them in times of medical emergencies. “Refundable tax credit of $2,500 for individuals and $5000 for families to offset the cost of health insurance. Those obtaining innovative insurance that costs less than the credit can deposit the remainder in expanded health savings account…. Provide income related federal subsidies to individuals and families who do not qualify for Medicaid or SCIP, but still need assistance” (Sullivan, 2008). Conclusion

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As pointed out by the U. S Census Bureau, the proportion of people not covered by health insurance is lower among the people with higher income. So the poor and the middle class part of the population only constitutes a major component of non-insurers. Deficiencies in health coverage for people living in poverty have potentially grave consequences. As they normally live in a fragile, unhygienic and problematic ‘physical environment’ without apt diet and nutrition, their health status could be compromised, leading to infection, diseases and even death.

Importantly, they may not have enough financial resources to approach good medical facilities and specialists. As every American has the ‘Right to live’ irrespective of their wealth status, government should do more to bring them under an optimal medical care. So, if the government supports and promotes all the above proposed suggestions, including expansion of Medicaid, giving smaller companies incentives and encouraging individuals to go for insurance, maximum number of people particularly from the lower income groups can be brought under medical insurance.

This will provide insurance access to maximum people at low and affordable cost, and will make USA a healthier and safer place for all Americans. References Ellis, R. (2009). How President Obama Can Fix Small Businesses, Not Provide Band- Aids. Retrieved April 23, 2009 from http://www. atr. org/president-obama-fixbr-small-businesses-provide-a3011 Gruber, J. , and Washington, E (2005), “Subsidies to Health Insurance Premiums and the Health Insurance Market”, Journal of Health Economics, 24: 253- 276 Patel, K and Rushefsky, M. (2006). Health Care Politics and Policy in America.

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