Medical drugs like marijuana had shifted dramatically and

Medical marijuana uses can be traced back as early as 2337 B.C when a emperor named Shen Neng had taunted cannabis tea as a treatment for gout. Rheumatism  And even poor memory. He had written a book called Mitch Earleywine, He is a  Professor Of psychology at the state university of New York. The Drug popularity as a Medicine had spread throughout Asia, and Africa and other neighboring countries. According to Kim Zimmerman (2017), “Hindu sects used it for pain and stress relief.” William O’Shaughnessy, An Irish Doctor has popularized Medical use of cannabis in England and America after noting its effects in India (Zimmerman, 2017). By the late 1800’s Morphine addictions had rampant in the United States. Attitudes towards drugs like marijuana had shifted dramatically and then as a result the Food and Drug Administration had got formed. Marijuana wasn’t  mentioned in the FDA Guidelines. They wanted to control the chemical substances and it curtailed its use as a treatment. By 1937 Marijuana tax act had imposed a high tax on physicians that was prescribing cannabis and it retailed pharmacist selling cannabis.Medical marijuana could be available in a variety of different forms, it can be smoked,vaporized or even ingested in a pill form. Or maybe some type of edible, that could be added to foods that you eat in your everyday life like cookies or brownies or cakes. The federal Drug Enforcement Administration had classified marijuana as a number one drug, Meaning that it has a really high potential for drug abuse and it has like no legitimate therapeutic uses. And it is extremely difficult to do a high quality study on its medical effects in the United States, this just means that marijuana can be used in ways that are more beneficial and easier for people to use.The primary Psychoactive cannabinoid in marijuana is THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol, this means that the THC targets the CB1 receptor and it’s mostly found primarily in the brain but it can also be found in nervous system (Zimmerman, 2017). But there’s many other places that it could it could be found in like the liver,kidney and lungs. Also the CB1 receptor is activated so it could quiet the response to pain or noxious chemicals. “CBC can be used to reduce inflammation and pain. And it also helps controls epileptic seizure and medical illnesses also addictions” (Zimmerman, 2017 ). according to the national institute on drug abuse. I think that all these different types of forms of marijuana that is being used is very beneficial to a lot of people because it gives people the chose to take them in a form that makes it comfortable for them and it isn’t much of a hassle. CBC is a beneficial treatment of severe epilepsy. there is a study in the Journal of neurology that marijuana is effective at reducing neuropathic pain or if it’s caused by damaged nerves in HIV patients. But Then again opiates such as morphine are ineffective at treating that sort of pain relief. Furthermore, In another study they found that marijuana let to dramatic levels of pain relief. And some researchers at the American Academy of Neurology have also found that medical marijuana in a form of a pill had seemed to reduce the stiffness and muscle spasms in in multiple sclerosis. “Medications eased the certain pain symptoms, such as pain related to spasms and painful burning as well as a overactive bladder”(Zimmerman,2017). This states that Medical marijuana can be really beneficial to a lot of diseases that are known to Kill people but it can also ease the pain for them as well so they don’t go through all of thatHowever, A well known effect that is caused by marijuana is having the ” munchies “. Its  been used to stimulate the appetite among HIV and AIDS. But majority of  people who has a more suppressed appetite due to some type of medical condition. Medical marijuana is consistently treated for nausea and induced by chemotherapy. And most studies of the smoked form Is limited. Medical marijuana has been known to treat glaucoma. which is a more elevated pressure in the eyeball that can lead to a person being blind. While smoking the drug it may reduce intraocular pressure, it can be consumed numerous times during the day to have a desired side effect, and some other drugs that more effective. But According to what the American Cancer Society (2016) said,  “CBD is a non Psychoactive component of marijuana that has some therapeutic benefits, but since it doesn’t target the CB1 Receptor, it really doesn’t have people feeling high”. Marijuana has some side effects to it when you smoke it in any kind of way. THC binds the cannabinoid Which are concentrated in the areas of the brain, which associates with thinking, memories, pleasure and coordination. And also the time perception. These effects can interfere with a person’s attention, judgement and balance. I think that these effects to marijuana are more of way of making a person feel more at ease and calm and not like in a way were they are hurting. It just gives them the feeling of feeling more comfortable. The states with these laws and districts with medical marijuana laws are Alaska, California, Colorado, Illinois and many others. These selected ones are required to have a doctors approval for the usage of medical marijuana. In most states they want people to fill out an application or pay a fee or maybe even provide some sort of identification, to successfully receive an ID card you would have to have a signed statement from a doctor. That statement would have to have the conditions or diseases you have for you to receive medical marijuana for your condition.Majority of these laws allow dispensaries and they outline specific conditions in which medical marijuana can be prescribed. They can  also vary by the state by the  type of format and amount of the cannabis that can be obtained by each visit for personal use. So therefore you could only have a certain amount depending on your type of condition you are in.Majority of the states are passing laws that are allowing the use of medical marijuana, and they are asking what it does and what does it treat. Medical Marijuana is mostly for pain relief; that is the main reason why people are asking for a prescription. Patients use it for headaches or a disease like cancer or like a long term condition like glaucoma or nerve pain. Most doctors prescribe marijuana to treat :Muscle spasms caused by sclerosis Nausea From cancer like chemotherapy Poor appetite Weight loss caused by chronic illness like HIV or Nerve painSeizure disorders Lastly Medical marijuana already makes chemicals that affect inflammation but it sometimes can help the natural chemicals work. Conclusion : Legalizing  Medical marijuana could make a huge difference for those that really need it because it can cure diseases and help other people with there medical problems and that could help the patients with there pain. And it is very useful in the medical professions. And most doctors prescribed medical marijuana as a treatment because of health conditions that  it could treat like glaucoma and cancer.


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