Medical centre

Five days had passed and I had a headache that remained persistent. This very afternoon I decided to visit the campus medical centre for a check up since it appeared something was amiss in my body systems. Though my head was heavy, I managed to the medical centre amidst feet drags. “How may I help you, young man? ” the doctor inquired. In whispers I explained to him what I had been undergoing for the past five days. He placed his hands on my face and shortly after, directed me to an examination bed.

Fear engulfed me on imagining of a syringe because since childhood, syringes and I were two big enemies. Unfortunately, this day to me provided no other alternative. After the blood test, I was found to have typhoid which assured my impromptu admission. The drips were not friendly. “You are to remain here for a minimum of twenty four hour. ” The nurse on duty softly informed me as she presented some pain-killer tablets. She was so apologetic for not having some clean water but had to ring a friend to give me a hand.

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Whoever he/she could have been was not in my knowledge. After a quick skimming over my cell phonebook, my eyes rested on one of the college-mates lady’s number, Euny, and without hesitation I rang her. “Thank you Redeemer. ” I sighed in relieve as it went through. I made my request to her and hardly had I placed the phone to the window lintel than she entered with a bottle of clean water. Though her face showed sympathy, she helped me take the medicine. Soon after, I fell into a deep slumber. “Would you mind having your supper?

” It was Euny trying to wake me up. I only wondered what had moved her to be so caring then but never attempted to inquire. Though with difficulties, I managed to swallow few spoonfuls of the repast with her assistance. I was left still flabbergasted. The following morning she was the first one to stand by my sick-bed and offered to aid me back to my cubicle since I was through my drip dose and discharged. For the following three or so days, she nursed me until I gained strength. This remains in forgetful in my diaries.


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