Materials chief complain and v) past medical history

Materials and Methods

Geographical Distribution:

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is a divisional city of Bangladesh, located about 120 km (75 mi)
north of capital city Dhaka, which is on the bank of Brahmaputra River,
has a tropical wet and dry climate with an average temperature 13-36°C.1  It is the third
largest city and fourth-most populous urban agglomeration in Bangladesh.

is the capital city of Indian State of Tamil Nadu, located on the Coromandal
coast of Bay of Bengal, which is the fourth-most populous urban agglomeration
in India. The climate of the city is tropical dry with average temperature
ranging from 19°C to 39°C.2

town is the headquarters of the administrative district Namakkal of Indian
State of Tamil Nadu. It has the more or less same climatic condition as Chennai
but the difference is that it has a hilly terrain and far from the west coast
of Bay of Bengal.

Research Animals:

research work was done in 3 veterinary teaching hospitals (Bangladesh
Agricultural University at Mymensingh in Bangladesh, Veterinary College and
Research Instituteat Namakkal and Madras Veterinary College at Chennai in India)
during the internship placement period of the author. During the study period,
a total …….. cases were actively handled under the supervision of a faculty
member and the required data was recorded in register book from the case
records of the hospitals.

Methods Followed for Diagnosis:

following methods are followed for the disease diagnosis of the animals:


includes: i) date of examination, ii) duration of illness, iii) signalment, iv)
chief complain and v) past medical history

Physical examination:

examination of the animals was executed by taking the heart rate, respiratory
rate, temperature, examining the mucus membrane, lymph nodes, capillary refill
time and dehydration status. Different organs are examined through palpation,
percussion and auscultation or combination of these methods when necessary.
Special diagnosis devices are also applied for a closure look in some cases.
Visual inspection and close observations are made prior to physical

Laboratory Tests:

fecal, skin scraping and aspirates from swelling or masses were examined in the
clinical pathology laboratory of the hospitals to confirm or conclude a diagnosis
as per the necessity upon history and physical examination.

Statistical Analysis:

The data were
manually checked for recording errors, missing information and discrepancies.
The potential errors were corrected while the apprehensive data were excluded.
All data were inserted into the computer using Microsoft Excel 2013 and
analyzed by Epi Info 7 to check out different comparative parameters.


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