Masters in Nursing

My career, spanning from 1991 to present, provided me with the opportunity to practice my nursing profession in the field of critical care, psychiatry, home health, case management and hospice care. I have worked in intensive care where I took care of critically ill patients and in the psychiatric department where I provided group therapy sessions to drug dependent patients and those with psychiatric illness. My profession was not limited to hospital settings. As a home health coordinator, I provided home visits to patients who were discharged and those who needed a follow-up home care by health professionals.

While working with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida, I was in charge with care management, a job that require me to help patients determine if their health concerns require them to seek emergency hospital treatment or if their illness can be treated at home or in an outpatient clinic. Currently, my work as a hospice nurse place me in direct contact with terminally ill patients where palliative care is given as per patient or family request. I provide comfort and non-aggressive care to patients as they approach the last days of their life.

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Working closely with physicians to achieve excellent treatment, cure and care to our patients is a goal that I will always try to achieve with my knowledge and utmost dedication to make patients aware that nurses can make a difference in their lives. I want to be a part of the change that will increase public awareness about the roles of nurses and how our profession can contribute towards the implementation of effective health programs that will address the needs of our clients.

Completing the Masters in Nursing degree from my alma mater, Florida International University will enhance my professional role in the care and management of adult patients in diverse health care settings. I will be guided by its curriculum that will help me achieve excellence in my endeavor and strengthen my knowledge and professional experience so I can serve the people in my community. It has always been my dream to pursue a graduate degree but family obligations in the past have put this dream to a hold. Now, I am determined to pursue my dream, complete my degree and make a difference in the lives of others.


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