Mass Media and Public Health

Mass Media, as the very word states, it is only communication tool which can create awareness among the entire mass of the society. As media, in all its forms, spares the maximum time with all walks of people, the awareness it could create has a higher impact. Hence the public health campaigns that are conducted with mass media as the tool, is more likely to create health awareness among public. These campaigns help in increasing the health behaviour among the public, as well improving all characters and attitudes that will help towards increasing the health of the common man.

As media has the whole power towards persuading the minds of the people, anything conveyed through media seems to have a serious effect on the public. When we trace the history of mass media in helping towards the public health, we can have it tracked right from World War II. With no much technology, the role media played at that point in time is completely amazing and powerful. In the ground work of the study, I came across an article written by A. G. Ramirez and colleagues in early 1999, where the author has stated that mass media created a higher impact towards cervical cancer among women. Let us take the very common example of AIDS awareness campaigns that was conducted in all mass media.

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It was a very effective tool which created the complete understanding of the seriousness of the disease and how to make ourselves protective from getting affected from such a life killing disease.

Listed above are just few examples of the power of mass media towards public health. However, the major concern is that the mass media though has such powerful effects, it concentrates less towards public health and awareness and more towards entertainment and amusing activities. References http://www. enotes. com/public-health-encyclopedia/mass-media http://www. ncbi. nlm. nih. gov/pubmed/15015928


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