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María Teresa is the youngest of the Mirabal sisters. The reader gets to know her better when they read her journal entries. These take place from when she’s a little girl up into her young adulthood. The reader also gets to watch her grow up from an innocent child into a serious revolutionary. By using journal entries, the reader further understands the true meaning of the plot and how María Teresa feels throughout the whole book. “Dear Little Book, I don’t know if you realize how advanced I am for my age? I think it’s because I have three older sisters, and so I’ve grown up quick. I knew how to read before I even started school!” (Alvarez ). Clearly, María Teresa feels that she is the most educated out of all the sisters. She feels that she can influence the world the most since she has the most knowledge. Even though she is the youngest, she believes she can outwit everyone else. This quote shows her more childlike side. She seems to be innocent. “Suddenly the walls were closing in, and I got this panicked feeling that I would never ever get out of here. I started to shake and moan, and call out to Mamá to take me home” (Alvarez ). Obviously, this shows a scene when Maria Teresa is much older. Even though in the past she has hinted at herself being the youngest but the most mature/smartest, she is now showing her fear for her life. Although she is older or “more mature”, she still feels the need for her mother now that she feels in danger. The prison that she is trapped in makes her feel helpless. Maria Teresa’s journal entries create a new spectrum in the book. They help the reader further understand the plots, settings, and characters in better details. Maria Teresa’s entries also include pictures which help depict the more innocent and childlike side to the Mirabal sisters. The structure helps the reader think more creatively and outside of the box. The author writes the entries in a way that is very personal, descriptive, and one-on-one with the reader. 


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