Margaret While some say that abortion gives society

Margaret Sanger once said, “No woman can call herself free who does not control her own body.” In the United States during the mid-late 1800’s, being able to have an abortion became illegal. This law was encouraged due to higher birth rate of immigrants then the locals, which evoked the concern of immigrants being the majority of the population. However in 1973, as a result of the famous Roe v. Wade case in Texas the supreme court legalized abortion. Jane Roe who at that time was pregnant was prohibited to get an abortion, she filed a lawsuit on the behalf of her and all other pregnant women who were not allowed to get an abortion. Later she won the case, and the case was marked as one of the most significant judgements the supreme court made in the 20th century ( While some say that abortion gives society an excuse to not assist women, if women were given full reproductive rights, unsafe abortion would decrease significantly, gender equality will be positively impacted and women will truly be able to live a hopeful intended future. 
Due to the law established on making abortion illegal, many women are forced to seek risky abortions which endangers their health and life. In 2008 throughout the world an approximate of 21.6 million unsafe abortions occurred ( This shows that professional medical treatment is not available, and women are compelled to go to questionable abortionist. Unsafe abortions are one of the leading causes of maternity death. Thirteen percent of maternity deaths took place worldwide as a result to unsafe abortions ( Permitting abortion allows women to abort in the first trimester or earlier, avoiding any types of complications. Centre for Disease Control and Prevention claims that when abortion is a safe procedure 92 percent of the abortions were completed during the first trimester (ourbodiesourselves). This implies that with a majority of percentage aborting during the first trimester, women understand the importance of safe abortion and are willing to cooperate if abortion is legal.   
Both men and women are responsible for their offspring. However choosing to be pro-life and making abortion illegal, gives an unfair advantage to men. Imprecisely 33 percent of children are fatherless ( This suggests that men have the power to easily walk away from their responsibility, while women are forced to keep their offspring in their bodies. Likewise, legalizing abortion empowers women to have the right to decide what their prospective future will be. It offers the same opportunity career wise, education wise and lifestyle wise to women as it would to men. Moreover single mothers may not be able to support their infant. Single mothers do not receive much help from child support. 49 percent of single mothers have some sort of child support arrangement, however only 45 percent indeed receive the help (www.W). This illustrates that forbidding abortion and not providing sufficient services for single mothers, leaves women with struggling lives.   
When a woman becomes pregnant, a lot undergo’s their bodies. Not only do their bodies change but their life entirely is impacted. Being able to have an abortion, gives them the possibility to go further in life. Emphasizing on teen pregnancy, out of a 1000 15-19 year olds, 24.2 gave birth ( This statistic reveals that women are bounded from a young age, which influences their future.  Around this age, females plan to have an optimistic future but are constrained because of pregnancy. Thirty percent of adolescents drop out of school or college due to pregnancy or motherhood ( Consequently a considerable amount of a women life is goes into motherhood, and supporting the child which leaves them uneducated or degree-less.   
In essence, Official doctors are unable to complete safe procedures so
 women are forced to have unsafe abortions. In effect they are dying or suffering complications. If women had access to safe abortions, abundant women would abort during the first trimester. Women are compelled to keep and grow their child in them, while men do not have to play their role in the pregnancy. This leaves numberless single mothers to raise their child. Child support do not give proper services, which leave females to battle problems that they face. In addition women sacrifice their future to provide for the child. They do not have the option to abort and involuntarily need to struggle to support their child. Women worldwide are oppressed because they are not given the right to have control over their own body. 


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