Many with my family. Once we get home

Many countries have Christmas traditions
which are different than our American customs. In this paper I will explore
Spain’s specific Christmas traditions. Are the foods they eat on Christmas different
than ours? How do their Christmas traditions differ from ours?                        

Most of the
families eat their meal before the Christmas Eve service. The traditional
Spanish Christmas dinner is Pavo Trufado De Navidad which is turkey stuffed with
mushroom truffle. After the midnight service, people walk through the streets
playing their guitars and drums. One Spanish saying is “Esta noche es Noche-Buena,
Y no Es noche de dorrmir.” This saying means, “Tonight is the good night and it
is not meant for sleeping.” Another Spainish custom is that they attend the
Mass of the Rooster. It is called this because a rooster is said to have crowed
on the night Jesus was born.

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On Christmas Day,
children may receive some presents but they believe that the kings bring
presents to them on Epiphany. The day of Epiphany, which is celebrated on
January 6th, represents the day the three kings visited Jesus. Gifts
are given in celebration of this day and it is also a day of feasting. On
Epiphany Eve, it is tradition to take down all your Christmas decorations.

family’s Christmas traditions are a little different than Spain’s. Our
Christmas celebration begins by going to Christmas Eve service at our church.
After the service ends we go to my Aunt Iris’s house to eat dinner with my
family. Once we get home we open one present (which is always pajamas). In the
morning, if we wake up early we have to wait until my mom and dad call for us.
We open our stockings and then we open presents. In the afternoon we go to my
Mimi’s house with my entire family. We eat lunch and just hang out there for
the rest of the day.

Spain’s traditions
may be different than ours but they are still celebrating the birth of Jesus by
going to church, giving gifts, and spending time together as a family.


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