Manchester In my opinion, the design of the

Manchester is a city that composites of both modernised and historical
structures. In my opinion, The Imperial War Museum North is the most
interesting and visually stimulating structure in Manchester. This museum was designed
by Daniel Libeskind in
2002. This building is a good example
of deconstructivist architecture, the sense of fragmentation and deconstructing. This design movement is one of the post-modern architecture in the
1980s. This structure inspires some of the designs in my A2 DT
project as well, The Manchester Town Hall which is influenced by is an example
of Gothic/Victorian structure in Manchester. The design of the interior also
acts as a milestone for the history of Manchester. Being surround by
a variety of structure will help development
my own personal skills as an architecture student. Therefore, MSA
is a prime choice of school to study architecture.

I have just been to Iceland. The things that impressed me the most is not just the northern lights or the cold weather,
but some of the structures in Iceland, such as, Hallgrímskirkja. Hallgrímskirkja is a church just next to the
high street of Reykjavík. It is designed by Guðjón Samúelsson, a modernist architect. When I first saw this structure, the shape of a space ship came to my mind. The gradual
increase of height from the side suggests a motion towards the centre where the
clock and the main entrance are. Both the conjunction and contrast of low and high from the
sides promote a more spectacular visual impact to the church. This design also encourages sense of modern architecture to the church. However, the use of reinforced concrete
gives a traditional texture and colour to the church so
that the church can fit into the environment. In my opinion,
the design of the church also makes references to
some of the natural phenomena in Iceland. For example, the layering design of the church can
be referred to the lava cooling off forming layers.

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I like the work of architecture by Ole Scheeren the most. I appreciate the
way he approaches an architectural problem with consideration of the
psychological effect of the structure to the user. One of his
designs, the CCTV Headquarter in Beijing is designed so that
the structure act as a system which in terms allow ideas, thoughts to be circulated around the structure easily. He achieves this by breaking down the traditional
verticality of a skyscraper and introduce horizontality to the structure. By doing so, the
structure is connected as a loop, so that different department can collaborate
more easily. His idea also inspires me when I am designing my A2 project
which is a new DT department for our school.


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