Managing capital resources

Establishment of a community based rehabilitation center for drug dependent young mothers as other capital investment in business world needs to be well planned. Consideration of available sources of funds as well as their reliability should be given a priority. A project which has a value to the society is likely to attract more support from many stakeholders such as business organization, government, and society at large.

A rehabilitation center will need funds to sustain its operations which include purchasing foods for patients, paying the staff, maintaining administrative operations, and buying other materials that may be required to help the drug dependent young mothers from the undesirable condition they are already in. Like many other non government organization, community based rehabilitation center for young mother dependent on drug will rely on various sources of funding such as grants, donations, awards and special projects.

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In planning for such a project, these sources needs to be well analyzed so as to understand their reliability, and restraints so as to make the necessary arrangements that will ensure smooth flow of the organization operations. A rehabilitation center for drug dependent young mothers will require employing staff which includes counselors, medical practitioners such as psychiatrists, administrators, and other staff to help in day to day operations. The center will also need buildings and offices, a land, medical facilities, drugs (necessary in rehabilitating drug dependent victims), and medical facilities and so on.

Reliable fund sources for such activities will be important to ensure the success of this center. The project will therefore need to rely on a number of funding sources as discussed below. Grants and awards: This entails any form of assistance from public and private sector to support the operations of the center. Such grants come from various sources such as the government, business entities, international organization such as world health organization, individuals and so on. The USA government considers grants as an important aspect of promoting social welfare for its citizens.

26 federal agencies offer over 1,000 grant programs annually in various categories of which health is included. Non profit organizations are one of those considered for government grants. Given that this center will meet the status of 501(c) (3) as it will exclusively be for charity work. This will be an opportunity to utilize as far as funding of this center is concerned. (Gaist 2009; Department of Health and Human Services, USA Government 2010) On the other hand, it is expected that the utilization of this source fund is likely to be retrained by a number factors.

It involves sending canned proposals to many potentials funders and waits while hoping for the best. Thus there is no assurance that the funds will be secured. It calls for the establishment of a system and processes that will ensure research, identification of key prospects, proposal preparation processes, and relationship as well as communication efforts strategic, targeted to ensure the center obtain the grant award. Grants available from various sources are limited to local charities and therefore obtaining grants from other nations may practically be hard.

Larger foundations which are part of sources of grants organize their giving through formal announcements usually limited to specific fields of interest. Small foundations which support broad range of charity work unfortunately have limited resources which limit their giving. Some grants seeking process especially from the government agencies take so long. It can range from 6-12 months. Some applications are complex and require specific requirements. The probability of first grant seeking proposal to succeed is usually very low since applicants are more than available resources.

Some grants are given under very stringent and complex conditions which require the budgeting, monitoring and reporting system to be of specific standards. Additionally, government grants specifically requires NGO/CBO have the necessary policies, procedures and systems to effectively control and report on both the fiscal and programmatic aspects of the grant award. Thus a need for tested financial, operational and management infrastructure may limiting factors to my center. This limitations act as restraints as far as this source of fund is concerned. (Gaist 2009; House, Office of the Law Revision Counsel 2002))

Donations Donations come from the individuals, business entities, government and local as well as international organizations. However, the private contributions have a big share as far as donations are concerned. Despite being an important source of to the CBO, it is not reliable. It doesn’t entail making application for the same: it entirely depends on the generosity of funders. The publicity of the organization also determine amount of donations likely to come into the organization. (Smillie & Helmich 1993) Special projects This will be a very important source of fund to this NGO.

Special projects will be run by a special team in the organization as this source is more reliable and sure way of obtaining fund. Specific goals on money to be collected can be ascertained with certainty and make plans towards achieving this goal. Such special projects may involve hosting special events that will bring members of the public together as they contribute towards the activities of this center. It may encompass fundraising campaigns such as raising money by selling autographed memorabilia, partnering with celebrities in organizing various occasions such as golf competitions, music concerts and so on.

Such activities may ensure enough fund is raised for the organization. Other projects may involve the market e. g. selling goods in the market. Such projects will require employment of marketing strategy that may proof hard to the management. However, altogether the main aim will be to increase the money for financing organization activities. Special projects may be restrained by readiness of members of the society to support this project e. g. project to engage celebrities will be determine by readiness of the celebrities to associate themselves with the center (Hudock 1999)

Internal Ramifications to Ensure Success of the Project To ensure good relationship and support from government agencies I will place a system that will ensure following of directions, meeting deadlines and regular communication. The project officer advice will be highly considered. Such ramifications will ensure this center secure grants from the government agencies which are both large and multiyear, allowing for planning of the center programs. There will be also a need to ensure donors are engagement to full. (Gaist 2009)

The center will also require a more organized management that will be arranged from top to bottom. The top management will be formed of the director (me) and the policy making body derived from leaders of middle and operation management levels. The middle level management will include accounting, financial and the operational management functions of the center. I will also employ project officer who will be overall manager to the projects of this center and the main advisor to the top management. I will head the top management team and oversee functioning of all activities of the center.

The center will also have a head of special projects, which will be the initiatives of the organization to have an alternative source of fund apart from those from donors and the government. To ensure success of special projects, the head of this function will be helped by a team derived from all function of the NGO-accounting, financial and operations functions. This team will be required to come up with different projects that will ensure inflow of cash to the NGO. Such activities may involve the market as well as the seeking finances from members of the society.

A team from both the top and middle management will be chosen specifically for developing good relationship with the donors and other supporting stakeholders. This is the team that will be expected to ensure that good systems that meet the demands of the donors are set in place. The team will also ensure that the relevant information for donors and other stakeholders is provided at the right time and in the right mode. The team will also ensure that all stakeholders’ opinions are known to the management and advise the top management accordingly. (Gaist 2009; Thomas, Yeboah, Gray, Ofori-Boadu 2010)

All above discussed sources of will form the organization capital structure. Special projects will be expected to contribute the largest part of the organization income, followed by donations, then grants, and awards which are a bit unreliable and cannot be planned with certainty. References Department of Health and Human Services, USA Government. (2010)What is a Grant. Retrieved 6 July2010 from <http://www. grants. gov/aboutgrants/grants. jsp> Gaist, P (2009). Igniting The Power Of Community: The Role Of Cbos And Ngos In Global Public Health. Springer. House, Office of the Law Revision Counsel (2002).

United States Code, 2000, V. 20: Title 41, Public Contracts, To Title 42, The Public Health And Welfare, Sections 1-300bbb. Government Printing Office. Hudock, A (1999). NGOs and Civil Society: Democracy by Proxy. Willey-Blackwell. Smillie, I & Helmich, H (1993). Non-Governmental Organizations And Governments: Stakeholders For Development, Issue 73. OECD. Thomas, T. , Yeboah, O. , Gray, B. and Ofori-Boadu, V. (2010). “Community-based Organizations:Issues in Community Development in an Era Constant Change” Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Rural Sociological Society, Marriott Santa Clara, Santa Clara, California


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