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Major Work Data Sheet – Moby DickName: Katie Zollner, Nikesh Patel, McKenzie Yoakam, Cole Forbes, Kyle Aaronson, GwenAlexander, Ellis GillisPeriod: 3Part ITitle: Moby DickAuthor: Herman MelvilleDate of Original Publication: October 18, 18511. Biographical information about the author (five facts)? Born August 1, 1819 and was the third child of Allan and Maria Gansevoort Melville’seight? Was a cabin boy on the St. Lawrence , a merchant ship sailing in June 1839 from NewYork City for Liverpool? In order to help his family, he took teaching positions and followed his uncle out westlooking for steady work? Apart of the Australian whaling crew aboard the Lucy Ann in 1846? First book was Typee (1846) and second book was Omoo (1847), both based on hisadventures/experience from previous whaling expeditionsSource: Genre(s) and characteristics of genre(s):? Epic- Contains hero and a secondary hero- Encounters supernatural beings? Tragedy- Contains the downfall of a hero after realising his mistake? Allegory- The use of different figures, objects, actions, or any other symbolic figure as a way toconvey a moral meaning from the author.Source: Historical information about the period of the novel’s settings (five facts):? The American Industrial Revolution took place between the 1820s-1870s and oil was inhigh demand as it was used for lubrication of machinery and for its uses in othertechnology? May 30th, 1854- the Kansas/Nebraska act was passed? New Bedford, MA (The introductory setting of the novel) was the busiest and the mainport of all whaling voyages in the U.S. during the early-mid 1800s? The American Whaling Industry hit its peak in 1858? December 30th, 1853- Gadsden Purchase gives the U.S. a strip of land in what is nowsouthern New Mexico and Arizona. This is important because it made the mainland U.S.the size/territory that it is todaySource(s): this point to the end of the MWDS, the work should be your own or from classdiscussions. Please do not research anything beyond this point.4. Brief plot summary (just the highlights please/min 150 words):Ishmael returns to Nantucket to join the crew of a another shift on his seasonal leave fromhis responsibilities on land. Before signing with a ship, Ishmael meets Queequeg at the SpouterInn where there indestructible bond forms. They duo sign up to be apart of the crew for thePequod under the overly discussed Captain Ahab. Once they set sail, whale are caught and a fewmishaps occur like members of the crew going overboard. The Pequod comes into contact withother ships, all either giving a warning on hunting Moby Dick or no information at all. Duringthe expedition Queequeg contracts a fever and feeling that he was in the wake of his own deathrequest for a coffin to be built. However, the sickness leaves but the coffin stays abroad. OnceMoby Dick is spotted, the ship pursues their ultimate challenge over the course of three days.Both the Pequod and Moby Dick take on damage, however the Pequod sinks taking all the crewwith it minus Ishmael who was saved by the floating coffin buoy. Captain Ahab lived his lifepursuing his revenge for Moby Dick taking his leg and his demise is set when his harpoon linetakes him down after attaching itself to Moby Dick.Part IIPlease cover a minimum of seven characters. The significance for four of these charactersmust be at least 150 words. Please include your word count.Name: IshmaelRole in the story: Narrator, Sailor (Merchant and Whaling), friend of QueequegSignificance to the story: Ishmael is the only one who survives to tell the story of the Pequod ‘sencounter with Moby Dick. Also, as the narrator of the novel, we have certain insight on how heviews the characters in the novel. For example, Queequeg the vicious cannibal who sells headsbecomes his best friend after Ishmael looks past his outward appearance seen in the response ofthe inhabitants of Nantucket. Ishmael reveals to the audience that he is actually a school teacherwhen he was not out on a ship. This explains the educated way in which the story is told with:high vocabulary, high-level allusions to historical events. As much as Ishmael comes off asunderstanding, he comes of as a silent judger when he instantly comes up with complaints- likewith his makeshift bed being “a foot too short”(pg. 12). His observancy to what is around himgives headway to all the symbolic readings in the book. An entire chapter is dedicated to thecolor white; another set in order to emphasis the craftsmanship of Ahab’s new leg. Furthermore,in the way he was a part-time school teacher and made the transition from working a merchantship to a whaling ship parallel Herman Melville’s life. It is important that Ishmael is the solesurvivor at the end of the novel, due to the fact, if any other was left alive the story would’vebeen altered. For example, if Captain Ahab survived the story would solely be based on seekingrevenge and how the success impacted him. (Word Count: 256)Adjectives: scholarly, pensive, nit-picky, humbleName: QueequegRole in the story: Ishmael’s best friend and Starbuck’s HarpoonerSignificance to the story: Ishmael first met Queequeg at the Spouter-Inn in New Bedford. Atfirst Ishmael was very “suspicious of this dark complexioned harpooner” and judged him harshly(pg. 30). He was disdainful of Queequeg’s religious idol and did not approve of his spiritualdifferences. However, once Ishmael spent more time with Queequeg and began to develop adeep friendship with him, he began to see that his prior judgments were wrong. He came toaccept Queequeg’s differences and even went to his chapel to hear a sermon from FatherMapple. After, he became accustomed to Queequeg’s loving, caring, confident nature, Ishmaelstood up for himself and for Queequeg when others looked down on him for hanging withsomeone of a different race. Ishmael’s friendship with Queequeg served as a turning point forIshmael for he began to believe that there was so much more to a person than their race andwould later restrain from judging others superficially by the color of their skin. (Word Count:158)Adjectives: confident, kind, religious, skilled, brave, generousName: Captain AhabRole in the story: captain of the whaling ship, Pequod , and seeks revenge on Moby DickSignificance to the story: Captain Ahab can be seen as the novel’s tragic hero. Engulfed in hispride and desperation for revenge, he dies when recklessly attempting to kill Moby Dick. Heseeks revenge on this whale because it once bit off Captain Ahab’s leg. Captain Ahab, ironically,has a whale bone that fits as his prosthetic leg. The more determined Captain Ahab becomes, themore he perceives Moby Dick as the embodiment evil, and the more he believes that it is writtenin his fate to kill the whale. Melville foreshadows the fate of each character through their biblicalnames. In the bible, King Ahab was a greedy tyrant who envied Naboth’s vineyard. WhenNaboth refused to sell his vineyard, King Ahab grew angry and became so obsessed withclaiming the vineyard that he framed Naboth and sentenced him to death. This draws a parallelbetween the Captain and the King. They both become so obsessed with what they want that theyfeel entitled to it, all to the extent where they feel invincible, and that no force of nature can stopthem. (Word Count: 180)Adjectives: obsessive, resentful, recklessName: Moby DickRole in the story: . Haunts Captain Ahab and represents the idea of obsession in the bookSignificance to the story: Moby dick is the main antagonist in the story, while not being seenthroughout most of the story. For an unseen character, he still has a large influence and presenceevil as he is the destroyer of the sea’s. He has already taken many men’s lives and Ahab’s legdriving the mission of Ahab to kill the whale. The whale is also a biblical reference to Jonah andthe whale, a well known story about turning ones back on God. The whale in the story acts forGod as punisher but does not do so in a kind way. The Jonah parallel also links Ahab as he seesthe whale as the evil of the ocean, but Jonah saw the whale the same way, even though it wasacting for God. Given the other biblical parallels throughout the novel, the question is raised,does Ahab have a dark past and is hunting the whale as a way of self soul cleansing? Or is thevengeance as simple as him losing his leg. Although the answer is never clearly given regardingAhab’s past, Moby Dick is certainly a symbol of vengeance and Evil throughout the entirety ofthe novel. (Word Count: 198)Adjectives: White, Angry, fast, vengefulName: StarbuckRole in the story: Ahab’s first mate. Native of Nantucket. Experienced leader among ThePequod and helps Ishmael adjust.Significance to the story: Starbuck is Ahab’s first mate. He is the closest anyone aboard ThePequod is going to get to him. Ahab trusts Starbuck and his thinking. However, as the novelprogresses and Ahab starts to become overly-obsessed and loses rationality, Starbuck is the onewho challenges him and demands they call off the hunt for Moby Dick. However, he isunsuccessful in this attempt to stop the obsession-driven chase. Starbuck is the main character inregard to religion and faith. He is of Quaker descent and isn’t driven by rush like others aboardthe ship (ex: Stubb). During a famous chapter in the novel, a doubloon is nailed to a mast on theship. Four men, including Starbuck, give their perspective and the inner thoughts and outlook onlife is expressed by each. Starbuck’s meaning of the image on the coin is religiously based.Interestingly enough, Starbuck is very aware of the dangers of the expedition and even tellsIshmael and the others that he will “have no man in my boat who is not afraid of a whale (pg.76).” This allows for a serious tone to develop and foreshadows events that occur during thevoyage- “an utterly fearless man is a far more dangerous comrade than a coward (pg. 76).”(Word Count: 207)Adjectives: religious, self-aware, conservative, superstitious, intelligentName: FedellahRole in the story: Captain’s HarpoonerSignificance to the story: Fedallah is invited aboard the Pequod secretly by Ahab to serve aspart of the crew. Knowing that he is a Parsee, he is seen as somewhat virtuous and Ahab believesthat he will lead him into killing Moby Dick. Since the other characters don’t know Fedallah’strue origin or motives, he is seen as strange and mysterious. The way he is always conversingwith Captain Ahab in his cabin, behind closed doors, show his affect on Ahab’s mind. It is as ifhe is manipulating Ahab, like the Satan takes over when someone is tempted to sin. His visionsdescribe the possible fate of the voyagers, but he seems more interested in Ahab’s death than ingetting revenge on the whale. In the end, he also meets his end, in being brought down by beingensnared by the harpoon line, just like Captain Ahab. (Word Count: 145)Adjectives: Mysterious, GuidingName: PipRole in the story: A young african- american deck workerSignificance to the story: Pip is the lowest of the low on Pequod, and his jobs consisted ofcleaning the ship and playing music for other shipmates. In a pre civil war time period when thenovel was created, Pip is treated like a slave, having hard time connecting with others and doingthe dirty work. Pip was stranded behind out in the open ocean after he jumped out of therowboat thinking the whale will slam into it. After that Pip was paranoid and scared for being leftout in the sea. Captain Ahab sees Pip and scoops him up. Both Ahab and Pip have onecharacteristic in common. As Captain Ahab fears the whale, Pip fears to be left behind again.(Word Count:119)Adjectives: Scared, Coward, StrandedPart IIISignificant QuotationsChoose five of the following six literary elements. Identify a significant passage from thestory that focuses on each element. Write out the quote. After each quote, in at least 3-5sentences, analyze the significance of your quotation. Take apart the quotation. Whichwords or phrases (diction!) in the quotation support or contribute to your analysis? Youmust blend the author’s text into your own. Questions to consider: Why is this passageimportant? What does it reveal? What is the effect? What is the tone or mood of thepassage?Theme: “But as in landlessness alone resides highest truth, shoreless, indefinite as God-so, betteris it to perish in that howling infinite, than be ingloriously dashed upon the lee, even if that weresafety! For worm-like, then, oh! Who would cravel crawl to land! Terrors of the terrible! Is allthis agony so vain? Take heart, take heart, O Bulkington! Bear thee grimly, demigod! Up fromthe spray of thy ocean-pershing-straight up, leaps the apotheosis!” (pg. 84)Significance: This quote, from chapter 23, highlights Ishmael’s perspective on safety andisolation. Or rather, one of Melville’s themes. “Landlessness” and “shoreless” allude to theocean. However, the ocean is not to be taken in the literal sense. The ocean in this contextrepresents the unknown and the undiscovered. “Shoreless” means without boundaries. Ishmaelbelieves that it is “better to perish in the howling infinite than to be ingloriously dashed uponthe lee.” “Ingloriously” meaning shame or loss of honor and “lee” refers to safety and shelter.When read together, Ishmael is stating that it is better for someone to die, or “perish”, in the”howling infinite” than to lose honor and stay in safety and be sheltered. Ishmael stronglybelieves that it is cowardly and shameful to live a life of isolation and play it safe. The verb”crawl” in the phrase “crawl to land” reflect that it is child-like and lesser of one to remainlandlocked. Land, of course not to be taken literally, represents safety and what one knows inlife. At the end of the quote, Ishmael states, “Up from the spray of thy ocean-perishing-straightup, leaps the apotheosis!” In other words, to reach one’s fullest potential or fullest development(“apotheosis”) you must “leap” “up” into the “ocean”. As we know, Ishmael does truly believethere is much to be learned from whaling voyages and from the vastness of the ocean. It isthrough Ishmael that Melville successfully develops his theme: It is better to take risks andventure into the unknown than to live life in isolation and in safety. (Word Count: 264)Cole ForbesTheme: “For all men tragically great are made so through a certain morbidness. Be sure of this,O young ambition, all mortal greatness is but disease.” (pg. 89)Significance: This quote from Ishmael concludes his perception on Captain Ahab, and evenforeshadows his lust for his revenge on Moby Dick. Captain Ahab did care for his whalers, but itwas his “morbidness” that led him to his downfall. His unhealthy obsession of Moby Dick forceshim to drive him and his sailors to their deaths (with the acception of Ishmael). Captain Ahabfailed due to his ignorance and extreme “ambition”. He manipulated his crew to go after MobyDick even when they were barely capable of killing it. Captain Ahab tried to push and defy thepowers of nature, and in doing so, underestimated it. All “mortals” have been created with a flawthat can lead to their tragic downfall. In this case, the tragedy occured because of Captain Ahab’sinsanity and obsessiveness. At first, Captain Ahab was a fair and acception captain, displayinghis “mortal greatness”, it was only until he became dominated by his obsession to kill MobyDick that he became a tragic hero. (Word Count: 168)Elise GillisCharacterization: “He treated me with so much civility and consideration, while I was guilty ofgreat rudeness; staring at him from the bed, and watching all his toilette motions; for the time mycuriosity getting the better of my breeding.” (pg. 24)Significance: During this quote, in chapter four, both Ishmael and Queequeg have begun to meeteach other and become shipmates. We can tell that in this point in time Ishmael was not as opento meeting others or even sleeping with other men. However, throughout talking and becomeactual friends and brothers with Queequeg, Ishmael is able to cozy up to him and lean on him forhard times. Since Queequeg met Ishmael, “he treated him with so much civility andconsideration” and it builds on Ishmael’s change in character with Queequeg is here. Ishmaelbecame more open and his concealed life became open as well. Not only to becoming moreopen, but Ishmael has became more curious about other people, culutres. He has seeminglybecome more aware. At first Ishmael was scared of Queequeg, seeing all of his tattoos andreligious habits he does everyday with the scary “voodoo” doll. Soon Ishmael realizes he judgedQueequeg to fast and figured out that he is nice and peaceful. Melville was able to change apersona of Ishmael from a shy character to a curious one. (Word Count: 184)Nikesh PatelSetting : “But think not that this famous town has only harpooneers, cannibals, and bumpkins toshow her visitors. Not at all. Still New Bedford is a queer place. Had it not been for uswhalemen, that tract of land this day would perhaps have been in as howling condition as thecoast of Labrodor… The town itself is perhaps the dearest place to live in, in all of NewEngland.” (pg. 33)Significance: The narrator, Ishmael, describes the current setting of the story by redirecting thereader’s automatic thought of the somewhat non-spectacular land, to see it through his point ofview. His quick statement to “think not” of how the area of New Bedford may be filled withoutlandish individuals, such as cannibals, shows his persistence to explain the significant innerbeauty of the land to him and his peers. He explains that if it weren’t for him and his fellowwhalemen, the area would’ve been in “howling” condition, suggesting that they heavilyimproved it from the wretches the place could have been in. Ishmael juxtaposes the sight of NewBedford with the coasts of Labrodor, which sounds anything but heavenly in his opinion. Beingin the “dearest place to live in, in all New England”, New Bedford is now thought of as ideal,diminishing poor thoughts previously assumed of the place. (Word Count: 150)Gwen AlexanderMotif or symbol: “For, before we proceed further, it must be said that the monkey-rope was fastat both ends; fast to Queequeg’s broad canvas belt, and fast to my narrow leather one. So that forbetter or for worse , we two, for the time, were wedded; and should poor Queequeg sink to riseno more, than both usage and honour demanded, that instead of cutting the cord, it should dragme down in the wake.” (pg. 261)Significance: In this scene, a literal rope is tied between both Ishmael and Queequeg as the areon the most recently killed whale carcass. This rope between the two is symbolic of theinseparability of their relationship. Ever since meeting at the Spouter Inn where they werebrought together as unexpected roommates that ended in Queequeg’s revelation that they weremarried now. Their unofficial marriage has held strong in how they’ve tied themselves together”for better or for worse.” Ishmael is aware that if Queequeg slips then Queequeg will “drag himdown in the wake” and despite losing his life with others he would not cut “the cord”. The wayIshmael is prepared for the worst and having no disdain towards knowledge that his life couldend “fast to Queequeg’s broad canvas belt” show how close their connection is. Their closenessis embodied in the physicality of the “monkey-rope” connecting both their lives and reveals theirintense trust in one another. (Word Count: 160)Katie ZollnerImagery: “Ahab’s compliments to ye; come and see if ye can swerve me. Swerve me? ye cannotswerve me, else ye swerve yourselves! man has ye there. Swerve me? The path to my fixedpurpose is laid with iron rails, whereon my soul is grooved to run. Over unsounded gorges,through the rifled hearts of mountains, under torrents’ beds, unerringly I rush! Naught’s anobstacle, naught’s an angle to the iron way!(177)”Significance/effect: In this passage we see Ahab talking to the crew about his mission to seekout the whale. He is steadfast upon his mission so much so its as if he is upon “iron rails” wherehis “soul is grooved to run.” Through this imagery we get a clear understanding of Ahab’sdedication to this voyage. As well as saying this, Ahab uses the repetition of the term “swerveme.” This repetition, while it does imply how the captain will no be swayed from his mission athand, also provides a poetic aspect to his speech. Not only is Ahab stating how he will beundeterred from his mission to his crew, but also encouraging the crew with promises ofadventure. Ahabs use of terms such as “unsounded gorges” and “rifled hearts of mountains”draw an image of unconquered terrain for the crew and promise adventure as well as a successfulvoyage in the long run. (Word Count: 156)Kyle AaronsonTone: “Can’t sell his head?–What sort of bamboozingly story is this you are telling me?” gettinginto a towering rage.” (pg. 33)Significance: This angry statement was made by Ishmael when the landlord was teasing himabout the mysterious harpooner Ishmael would later have to share a room with. This quoteexposes Ishmael’s impatience when he ramps himself “into a towering rage” just when thelandlord wouldn’t give him a truthful answer. Ishmael also shows how he expects the worst outof people when he believes the landlord to be tricking him with a “bamboozingly story” insteadof just joking with him lightheartedly. Also, Ishmael’s paranoia is revealed when he repeatedlyasks questions back to back demanding an answer as if his mind was circling various negativeoutcomes. Overall, this quote creates an angry intolerant tone and the fact that Ishmael respondedin such an edgy and paranoid way had such an edgy paranoid reaction shows how judgmental heis of others by their description, while he could instead be basing his judgements off of one’scharacter. (Word Count: 154)McKenzie YoakamThemes stated in sentence form:? It is better to take risks with what is unknown than live a live of complete safety.? Education derives not only from in-class lectures but real life experiences.? When someone is plagued with obsession it can take that person to their downfall.? A first impression can be used to assume more about a person than who they really are.On my honor I have read this work in its entirety, and this work is solely my own unlessotherwise directed.Signature: Nikesh PatelKatie ZollnerCole ForbesMcKenzie YoakamKyle AaronsonElise GillisGwen Alexander


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