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M2 Describe how computer games have developed over timeDOTA 2 (game genre MOBA )Development over time –  this game was released first in 2003 as user expansion in game World of Warcraft 3  full name of this custom game is Defence Of The Ancients All Stars. With game developing its fun base and becoming one of the first eSports game in the world at the same level like Starcraft. Because of that game rights was bought it was developed further. In 2010 this game was developed in new independent game (not like before, when it was just mod for World of Warcraft 3 Reign Of Chaos) by Valve ?orporation. 2015 game engine was changed  from “source” to “source 2”. That change in engine increased graphical capabilities. Therefore if you will take closer look on photo evidence you will see how game have changed over period of time. Apart from that there was added many different types of game mechanics.               DOTA                                          DOTA 2                                        DOTA 2 (Reborn)Game Play – Dota 2 is a team game MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena). The gameplay is built around the struggle of two teams of five heroes controlled by the players. Each team has its own camp located in the top right (The Dire – the dark side) and the bottom left (The Radiant – the light side) in the corners of the map. The main task of each team is to destroy the main building on a hostile base – the Ancient (on the game slang – crystal), for this hero during the game get gold and experience killing crepes – creatures controlled by the computer and operate according to the established script. The game is played in separate batch, none of the previous batch have any effect on the future. To participate in the game, the player must begin to search the game. When there are 10 players at a certain level on a same level which are calculated by the game starts. To begin with, the player has to choose one of the available heroes, after which he appears on the map and can start a fight.Graphic – Source has significant advantages over several key aspects of game development: animation characters, advanced artificial intelligence, realistic physics and shader rendering. The system of animation Source allows you to create expressive characters with an infinite range of emotions on the face, allowing them to convey to you a message without saying a word.                                           On low hit point level                          When attacking somebodyIn addition to these characters have one of the most advanced artificial intelligence, which makes them extremely talented allies and enemies. With the help of the gun, you can easily create beautiful and realistic worlds that react to your presence. This will allow developers to step away from creating script scenes that were standard for the games of the past generation and open the door to create games of completely new styles Source Source contains a complex network code that provides support for 32 players on the local computer network and the Internet. The Source engine is made on a regular basis, reflected in its wide range of possibilities for modification and improvement without changing any key architectural features of the propulsion engine. In combination with the Steam propagation system, the engine can be updated immediately after the update is released. For example, if Source engine begins to support physical maps, then all games distributed through Steam and that use Source itself will begin to support them. This could be seen after the developers added the High dynamic range rendering engine. However, the total modification of all Source-games in practice is impossible, because the creators of modifications is not available update system, and therefore, developers can only develop the engine. Source uses Direct3D version 3.0 shaders in Source.Characters Used – Heroes are the most important element of the Dota 2, as the course of the match depends on their intervention. During the match, the two opposing teams will choose five of the 117 heroes who accumulate experience and gold to gain strength and gain new opportunities to destroy the Ancient Opponent. Most heroes have a special role that determines how they affect the battlefield, although many heroes can perform several roles. The appearance of the hero can be changed with the equipment. Currently, Dota 2 has 117 heroes. For the heroes table are sorted by attributes and mechanics.Sound – In terms of sound aspect each hero and item got its own sound. This sounds will be generated at specific time for example when you cast spell or kill an enemy herro. With time sounds become important part of every game therefore you can find orchestras working to create game music theme which are recorded in professional sound recording studious (example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j0Ftjz2fw7w&t=146s ).  As well as voice actors are required at this game to represent each herro with some personal qualities which is as well will record phrases for each character in specialized studious (list of voice actors https://dota2.gamepedia.com/Voice_actors ). But with game becoming more popular there was added different language packs which include russian and chinese (Mandarin).Cossacks 3 (game genre Strategy) Development over time –  real-time remake of the “Cossacks: European Wars” 2001, developed by the Ukrainian company GSC Game World for the Microsoft Windows platform. Issued September 20, 2016 in the service of the digital distribution of Steam. The main differences from the old game are modern 3D graphics capabilities, updated models and textures, dynamic lighting and full support for custom modifications.Game Play – Traditionally, for the series, the player manages troops and settlement development to support them. The main gameplay takes place on rectangular maps with reservoirs, plains, rocks, forests and other landscapes, hidden initially in the darkness of the “fog of war.” For the development of the settlement are workers, which the player sends or builds facilities, or to obtain resources. Subsequently, all new structures and troops become available, so there is the possibility of starting fights against the enemy in order to destroy it or to fulfill the set task. The player is offered a choice from several nations of the XVII century: Austrians, Frenchmen, Englishmen, Spaniards, Russians, Ukrainians, Polish, Swedes, Prussians, Venetians, Turks and Algerians. The basics of the game are the same for them, the difference lies in the design, unique troops and their capabilities. Realistic physics of flying bullets and nuclei. Significant influence of the landscape on the tactics of the battle.Graphic – Unlike the other games of the “Cossacks” series, “Cossacks 3” is fully executed in three-dimensional graphics, whereas the earlier ones had only a three-dimensional landscape. The game engine is capable of supporting up to 32,000 units (workers and fighters) on each card and reproducing dynamic lighting. 4K resolution is supported with zooming interface. With the built-in map editor you can easily make changes to the game by creating your own modificationsCharacters Used – because this is strategy game you don’t have specific characters but you have 20 different nations which you can control. Each nation have unique buildings and unist. Sound – in terms of sound this game have developed only in terms of sound quality because this game is remake they have used same sounds and music for this game like in their previous version. By the words of developers their goal was to recreate spirit and gameplay of the Cossacks: European WarsSuper Mario (game genre Platformer)Development over time – a video game developed by Nintendo Entertainment Analysis & Development and released in 1985 by Nintendo. Listed in the Guinness Book of Records as a game that went hand in hand with the largest circulation in history. A total of 40.24 million copies of the game were sold worldwide. After the fall of sales Mario Bros., released in 1983, the appearance of Super Mario Bros. allowed them to be quickly returned to their former level. The main character of the game, Mario, has become a symbol of the company Nintendo. With time franchise created numerous versions of original game with different graphical capabilities but with same gameplay.(list of franchise games and year when was released https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Super_Mario )1985Super Mario Bros.1986Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels1988Super Mario Bros. 2Super Mario Bros. 31989Super Mario Land1990Super Mario World1992Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins1993Super Mario All-Stars1995Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island1996Super Mario 641999Super Mario Bros. Deluxe2001Super Mario Advance2002Super Mario Advance 2: Super Mario WorldSuper Mario SunshineSuper Mario Advance 3: Yoshi’s Island2003Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 32004Super Mario 64 DS2006New Super Mario Bros.2007Super Mario Galaxy2009New Super Mario Bros. Wii2010Super Mario Galaxy 225th Anniversary Super Mario All-Stars2011Super Mario 3D Land2012New Super Mario Bros. 2New Super Mario Bros. U2013New Super Luigi USuper Mario 3D World2015Super Mario Maker Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS2016Super Mario Run2017Super Mario OdysseyGame Play – The main actor of the game is Sanitary technician Mario. The game also features another main character, the younger brother of Mario Luigi, but he only appears when two people are involved in the game process simultaneously. Both characters have the same set of functions. The goal of the game is to pass all the Mushroom Kingdom, to survive while meeting with the enemies – Bowser’s servants – and to release the princess. Mario moves from left to right, at the end of each sublayer reaches the flagship with the flag, which means the transition to a new sublayer. Most of the levels (worlds) have scatter coins that Mario has to collect, and special boxes with a question mark. By raising their head from the lower positions, Mario receives either extra coins or a certain useful thing. There are also secret, mostly invisible boxes in which there are either a large number of coins, or a useful thing that is rarely encountered. When Mario gets a red or yellow mushroom, he doubles in size, besides, he has the ability to break the brick platforms with his head, which allows him to eliminate more enemies and obstacles. The player is given a certain number of lives, besides, he has the opportunity to get another one if he receives a special green or orange mushroom, he will collect one hundred coins, destroy several enemies with a protective helmet in succession or destroy a certain number of enemies by jumping over from them without touching the earth’s surface. When Mario touches the enemies without being enlarged in size, falling into the pit or when the time of the game pops up, the player loses one life. When Mario is losing his last life, the game ends. Initially Mario can destroy enemies only by jumping on them, although many of the enemies have special protective equipment. For example, if a rubber can be destroyed only by opening it, then the turtle of the Kupa must first be driven under the armor, after which Mario can use it as a kind of projectile. These armor can retreat from the walls and destroy other enemies, but they can also kill Mario himself if he gets under them. To destroy an enemy that is above Mario’s head, you need to jump and shake your head with that part of the platform on which the enemy is located. Having got a fire flower, Mario changes his color and gets the ability to fire the layers, but if Mario is reduced in size, then the flower serves as a red or yellow mushroom – “magnifier”. A less commonly used thing is the star, which usually appears when Mario casts hidden or invisible blocks. This thing makes Mario absolutely not vulnerable to enemies, but for a short period of timeGraphic, Colours Used – starting from very first game graphics quality have was increasing with every year when game was published. Starting from pixelated graphics this game have developed incredible quality as well as colour and how elements was presented, because for example clouds and bushes is same sprite and they are different only in colour when nowadays this game franchise have one of the best graphics in its game genre Characters Used – In the first game where this character appeared, his name was Jampmen. However, because of the resemblance of the landlord of the headquarters of the Nintendo representation in the USA named Mario Segal, the character got a new name – MarioSound – as well as graphic with time have improved starting from 8-bit sounds to specially dedicated orchestras which is writing music theme for game.Assassin’s Creed (game genre action-adventure )Development over time – first release of this game franchise was started in 2007 from that time game have expanded in every possible aspects. List of games Assassin’s Creed, Assassin’s Creed: Altaïr’s Chronicles, Assassin’s Creed: Bloodlines, Assassin’s Creed II, Assassin’s Creed II: Discovery, Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, Assassin’s Creed III, Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, Assassin’s Creed Rogue, Assassin’s Creed Unity, Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, Assassin’s Creed Origins. Every of this game add something new to franchise if be more specific from very first version to game was added more realistic parkour, ship batls, ability to craft new items from collected resources, open world.Game Play – The game belongs to the category Freeplay – projects, that is, the player is given the opportunity to explore the world in a free manner. Any building, tower or wall can climb. In all large cities, impregnable only the city walls, which have no speeches and do not let go beyond the limits of the game world. The city’s architecture in Assassin’s Creed is specially designed to allow the game character to climb on any roof. But only these variants of movement in the game are not limited. From buildings here and there protruding beams and wooden blocks. You can jump on them, which emphasizes many of the project commercials. Climbing the building and moving horizontally, the player can easily escape from persecution, jumping from the pavement to boxes, boxes – to beams, and from beams – on the roof. Throughout the game, these skills will be used more than once for additional tasks. Developers call Assassin’s Creed a “social stealth action.” The crowd plays a very important role in the game, which can be both a hindrance and a help. The player can, with almost no attention, mix up with the crowds of people, but it is worth it to behave decisively – and a wave of indignation swept through the street, Altair will seek a guard. After the killer is committed by the crowd, the crowd screams out, though, if the enemy is slaughtered imperceptibly, people will come to see it. In a running human stream, it is easier for killers to escape persecution. In this case, it is imperative to use controls to push the running, otherwise character can lose balance and stumble. Graphic, Colours Used –  from first game in the series Ubisoft company was using high quality grafix and therefore this game was alway developed with high level of grafix but because industry of gaming developed creating more powerful machines with higher graphical representation capabilities each game was surprising franchise fans with every game was impressed with high quality of grafix. It terms of colour which was used for this games they are used in very specific manner to underline how each century and city was different in other words they was expressing mood of each time in specific colour maner.Characters Used – The plots of games mainly revolve around the confrontation between the two ancient societies: the Assassin and the Templars. Both of the ancient times are looking for Particles of Eden – created by the ancient extinct civilization of Isa, devices by which you can control humanity. In modern times, they, with the help of advances in science and technology, hope to recreate the events of the past and the location of the Parts of Eden according to the genetic memory of the chosen people. The main character of the first five games of the main series – Assassin Desmond Miles. He, with the help of a machine that reads the memory of ancestors from DNA – Animus, is experiencing a simulation of events of the distant past. His goal is to find out where his ancestors hid Particles of Eden and get them before the Templars. Subsequently, his goal was to save the world from the apocalypse, which he did, donating his own life. In Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag protagonist stands for anonymous assassin, working under the umbrella of the Templar organization “Abstergo Industries” as an analyst, and with the help of Animus finds details from the life of Desmond’s predecessor – pirate Edward Kenway. Accompanying games introduce new characters that are related to the confrontation of the assassin with the Templars in different eras. In one of the games was used cooperative mode where up to five players was able to play simultaneously one mission to succeed. In some games of franchise was added online mode which had unick game play comparing to a single player or cooperative mode at this mode you have 10 players who are applying on a single map and their main goal is to eliminate enemy player as many times as possible in a specific time period. Sound – sound for this game was recorded in professional studios starting from very first game in series. If be more specific Ubisoft company got its own voice actors which are working in every game for this company therefore voice acting is alway on high level. Scene setting through the Use of higher end CGI – Motion Capture is a digital motion recording technology used in entertainment, medical, sports, animation and cinematic software.It was for this technology that the characters were captured as Gollum by the Lord of the Rings and King Kong in the Peter Jackson movie. The essence of this achievement of computer progress is as follows: the actor wear a special suit, flown by many sensors that scan the movements of the actor (in particular his muscles and bones) and transmit to the main computer. So it turns out that before the expert on the screen “dancing” an actor’s skeleton, on which you can impose anything. All parkour moves in Assassin’s Creed are recorded with this tecnology.


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