Lots care and right away gone for straightening

Lots of my friends always wanted to know what and how I helped my hair to grow so fast and how I keep my hairs in a healthy condition even though I have done highlights and chemical treatment twice to keep my hair straight.Okay so starting from the very beginning…. Since I was a kid, I had quite frizzy and ringlets hairs, my Mum always use to put lot of oil to my hairs alwayyyysss to make them little manageable (chipku baby) and to de-tangle my hair was a big task for her, I literally formed a phobia of having my hair washed and brushed, and that’s why one bad morning my Mum decided to chop my hairs and made me a boy cut girl. The trend of chopping my hair every three months continued till I finished my post-graduation. I hated my hair until about 20-21 yrs. Later on, I don’t remember why but I decided to grow my hair little (At least shoulder length) and I literally fight with my family and close friends to allow me to look little girlish. It was 2006 when finally my hair reached up to my shoulder. BUT BUT BUT the story begins from here again….They were so wavy, frizzy, unmanageable and unruly so getting them de-tangle right in the morning before I leave my house for office was a battle for me (It was really tough). And on one rainy day, I was looking at my hairs and tolled myself –Either I love my curly, wavy, unmanageable hairs or I love my chemical treated hair more with little care and right away gone for straightening process to my virgin hair.The result was awesome; they look so sleek, beautiful, and stylish effortlessly. Hair straightening means an easy life for super busy women like me. Now another twist came into my story, not with my hairs but into my mind as everyone around me started saying that you will have to suffer from severe hair damage now, be it hair fall, hair thinning, splits hair every damn bad thing u have ever listened that will come to u. Since the feeling of silky and smooth hair was so irresistible and I was on top of the world I decided to take care of my hairs just after my straightening process finished, and trust me all efforts does paid me as I never had any problem with my hairs. Now it’s more than four years that I have done my first straightening treatment (which is not at all visible in above pic) and the results were all positive for me so just before 6 months I decided to go through the same chemical process again with my highlighted hairs. Now it’s more than 6 months actually and I really adore my super silky straight hairs once again. Since I love you girlz from the bottom of my heart! I figured I would share the tips with you which helped me to keep my hairs healthy even after that so-called harsh chemical treatment twice.Instructions which I really followed just after my treatment both the times:No swimming, Gymming, Cooking for three days (I loved that time as my mom in law use to prepare food during those days, lucky daughter-in-law ummmm)No clips or bands.Created a friendship bond with my shower cap.Not a drop of water I allowed for three days.No tucking of hair behind the ears (this one was a tough job for me really).Shampoo and conditioner: Later on, the most imp thing which I followed both the times (At least for a Year) was choosing the right shampoo and conditioner (I choose Loreal X-tenso shampoo and mask). For chemically treated hair; you MUST NOT use sulfate loaded shampoo which is a common ingredient found in many famous shampoo brands. Sulphate loaded shampoo weakens the hair structure and makes your hair dry and frizzy as well.Girlzzz this is the crucial point which not to be ignored by any means, you might be getting a satisfying result with your old trusted shampoo, but switch your shampoo and conditioner the day u are done with your straightening process.After every hair wash, Use of conditioner becomes MUST for me, you can also opt for leave in conditioner(Though I didn’t use regularly) which is again a good option in retaining the moisture of your hair.Hair Serum: Another thing which I introduced to my hair was serum; in my first treatment I choose strex pro but I switched to Schwarzkopf serum this time as this one is super lite and only a drop is enough to cover all my hairs. Serum helps to create a barrier between my hair and outside hair damage from dust, sun, and pollution.DIY hair mask:Beside my shampoo, conditioner and hair serum I was very loyal towards few DIY hair spa and used them a fortnight. Few of my favorite hair spa treatments are-Hair spa with BananaHair spa with Milk and honey together.Apple cider vinegar treatmentBeer treatment.Aloe Vera hair spaFenugreek hair spa.These hair spa treatments help to nourish and condition my chemical treated hairs and prevented them from further damage and kept my hairs super healthy. You can opt for any hair spa treatment as per your convenience but do not stick yourself to one hair spa only, always try to alter the ingredient in your DIY hair spa.Healthy and Balanced diet:And the last secret but really really imp I eat lots of nuts and sprouts to have a balanced diet. So focus on your diet too.So girlzzz this was my secret to keep my hairs strong & healthy. If you are planning to go for a chemical treatment just keep few things in mind that a good hair care routine and little extra times all you will have to give to prevent your chemical treated hair for any further side effect associated.Share your experience with chemical treatments on your hair……… If you liked my post you can thank me by leaving a comment or sharing this post on social media. 


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