Located would boost tourism during the Great Depression.

Located in Asheville, North Carolina the Biltmore Estate is a home straight out of a fantasy. The estate is a place that nobody will never want to leave once they get there. Built in 1889 George Vanderbilt knew that this place was his forever home.The Biltmore Estate has an interesting history, unique grounds, and excellent scenery for all to enjoy. The Biltmore Estate was created by hundreds of men who Vanderbilt had hired. The construction on the estate began in 1889, and was completed in 1895. Vanderbilt had originally wanted his home to be a place where his ill mother could stay, he never had any intentions of making it a museum. When he opened up his home in 1895 he had only opened it to family and close friends. The Biltmore Estate was built upon four acres of land. While the Biltmore estate was being very well maintained by staff and family, George passed away in 1914, at the age of 51. The house was then cared for by George’s wife Edith, their daughter Cornelia, and the staff. After 16 more years Cornelia Vanderbilt, John Vanderbilt, and their two sons George and Henry open up the estate to the public. They planned to open the house because they hoped it would boost tourism during the Great Depression. The house was also used to store precious art during World War II. The estate is now a famous tourist attraction, vineyard, hotel, landmark, and a beauty for all eyes to witness at least once in their lifetime. The Biltmore Estate was a true marvel of craftsmanship. George’s home consisted of 35 bedrooms, 43 bathrooms, 65 fireplaces all spanning over four acres of home. George and his men had also built many specialty rooms inside of the house. There was a glass-roofed room called the winter garden that he used to display exotic plants. A banquet hall that measures 42 by 82 feet and with a 70 foot tall ceiling. He also had a tapestry room along with a library the holds about half of his 23,000 book collection.        While the Biltmore Estate has a dazzling inside it also has marvelous grounds and attractions. The Biltmore wine company was started in 1983, while William Cecil planted his first vines on the estate in 1971. The Inn on the property is a way for guests to see what it was like to experience real Vanderbilt hospitality. The Biltmore estate has a very vibrant shopping center on it as well. Antler Hill Village expands the Vanderbilt legacy to all. While there guests can shop, eat, and taste wine all while staying in a relatively close center, truly experiencing what Cornelia and John wanted guests to. The many attractions on the Biltmore Estate have increased tourism there, especially during Christmas when they do a special tree lighting.          The Biltmore Estate has housed a number of occupants and guests in its history. While it was not originally planned to be a museum, many are very glad it was opened as one. The great amount of tourism has allowed the estate to receive many awards for architecture and design. Vanderbilt wanted to leave a legacy, and that is exactly what he did with the Biltmore Estate.


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