Lifestyle adaption

Introduction: for life has a lot to offer both good fortunes and bad. At this moment my sister soul would not rest until the untold story is unveiled. It makes no sense for a person to cover the only source of light for the people. Because they will be left to vanish in total darkness in anguish not knowing what is ahead of them. If today curtains would to pulled for me I would not have done justice to my sAociety which I ‘m so oblige to. For information is power I wish to convey a terrifying story of the loss of my dear sister under horrifying circumstance who succumb to lupus today she is no more.

I not in this arena alone, because there are many people from all corners of the world who suffer quietly by the loss of their dear ones, what a pain to bear? In United state of America alone 2 million people have being diagnosed by the disease whereby 90% of the patients were women and the lesser percentage were male according to (Finzi 2010). It is also believed that more than 5 million in the world have lupus. For sure these are arming statistics figures bearing in mind that lupus has no cure, can affect anybody and no one test which can be used to justify it presence.

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But modern medicine and lifestyle adaption can help control it hence the need to increase awareness. Generally lupus is disease conditions which involve the immune system targeting norm health cells and tissues by mistaking them as foreign and destroying them. Lupus may affect joints, skin, blood vessels and internal organs not limited to the kidneys, heart and lungs. In these case the immune system lack tolerance of the body own cells and start to produce certain proteins known as antibodies. Normally these antibodies are supposed to protect the body against foreign substances such as bacteria and viruses.

So this defense mechanism of the body is used to harm the normal cells. The risks factors vary with sex where 90% of people suffering lupus are women in the ages of childbearing of between 15 to 44 years. The disease tend to be race selective whereby it is more common among the black, Hispanics, Asian, the natives and pacific Islanders of American origin. Lupus also runs through the family line where relative have about 5-13% causes of developing the disease. Statistics have shown only 5% of children born of mothers suffering from the disease.


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