Life Vision Naturopathic Hospital

The rapid development in people’s lifestyle and their eating habits is the major cause of their poor health condition. They have forgotten to care about their fitness. Also, people habit of running after money is the major cause of the mental tensions. They seem to be much busy even being not conscious about their dietary habits. The increasing habits of eating a lot of non- vegetarian food containing high protein, the massive use of alcohol and nicotine are the main causes of increase in health related problems. This has caused the stress-related illness and the dietary illness.

Large number of people is losing their life in the early fifties even before they are retired from their jobs, though the human body is designed to live for 125 years. This shows the high level of death at the middle of their age. They spend a lot of money for curing the disease through anti-natural treatment (using medicines to treat diseases). Now days, this habit has been changed and people are more focused on natural treatment process.

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So, the establishment of “Life Vision Naturopathic Hospital” in London is an important approach of getting people healthy naturally and makes them live longer. The nature has the congenital ability to heal. So, naturopath uses this healing power of nature which do not harm by any means and creates other conditions. Taking into considerations about all the aspects of an individual, it prepares the plan of treatment and may differ from person to person. The physicians act as a teacher as the process empowers one’s health teaching self-care. The major approach depends on preventing the disease rather than cure which removes the toxic substances and situations form

the patient’s lifestyle to prevent the onset of the further disease. The main objective of opening naturopathic hospital is to promote and run the hospitals, centers for healing by the use of effective treatments including traditional medicine, modern medicine, natural medicine and holistic healing with medical assistance, rehabilitation assistance to drug addicted persons.   2. Aims and Objectives The principal objective to open any hospital is to serve the patient. And the real success is achieved only if the service is able to fulfill the real market demand. This

project is aimed to serve the patients without providing them the medicines and drugs which has long term side effects. Using a range of alternative methods of diagnosis, a Naturopath can often successfully pin-point a predisposition in the body, before the onset of acute disease, and treat the patient with specific therapies and changes in the patient’s lifestyle (College of Naturopathy, UK). This statement shows the clear aim of naturopathy treatment. The major objectives of establishing naturopathic hospital are:  To fulfill the real need of hospital to treat the patients.

 To open a hospital with different style of treating the patients in simple and natural way.  To emphasize the people to avoid the use of drugs to cure the disease and give more priority to modify their habits to stay healthy.  To continue to raise the profile of naturopathy and thus increase its acceptance. 3. Literature Review The principles of Naturopathy were used for the first time in about 400 B. C. by the Hippocratic School of Medicine. The Greek philosophers were habituated in finding the real causes of the diseases using the laws of nature and cure them accordingly.

These techniques then followed in further generations and at present, it’s been adopted in different hospitals and also separate medical colleges are established to provide education and trainings.   The project we have forwarded is aimed to establish the natural environment, increasing the healthy people and their average life expectancy. The concept of establishing the naturopathic hospital came with the detailed literature review of the existing hospitals and their services, which seem insufficient to the present scenario.

3. 1 Why Naturopathy? The treatment procedure is based on slight modifications to the eating habits rather than providing medicine to the patient. It begins with the determination of the thorough history so that it will be easy to diagnosis the real problem of the patient. Special attention is paid to be aware of the eating habits to make the balance in the digestive process allowing the bodies to digest, absorb and rebuilt the body cells. Such treatment procedures allow the patient to maintain the balance between the various environmental, emotional and physical imbalances occurred.

It is the growing concern in most of the Asian countries with the sharp increase of such hospitals. This concept is also accepted by the present generation around the world. However, establishment of separate hospitals in UK seems less significant. Some of the naturopathic facilities available in UK are reviewed as follows: 3. 2 CNM (College of Naturopathic Medicine) with its head office in West Sussex is widespread in six major cities in UK, is established with an aim of providing thorough training in Biomedical Sciences, Naturopathy, Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Homeopathy and Nutrition. It was established about 20 years ago but was providing only homeopathy facility that time.

But with the growing importance of treating the disease through natural therapies, naturopathy facility was made available only some years ago. It provides CNM Student Clinical facilities by CNM students at an affordable price providing treatment regarding digestive complaints, skin problems, stress, hormone imbalances, sleeping difficulties, energy levels, high blood pressure, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, inflammatory conditions and weight problems.

3. 3 Hale Clinic, established in 1988 officially by the Prince of Wales, was founded by Teresa Hale, whose aim was to combine the complementary and conventional principals and emphasize the preventive medical procedures of maintaining good health. The practice of complementary medicine helped the individual to gain its   natural harmony and balance thereby making less susceptible to illness and disease. It provides hundreds of medical treatments but it has not separate clinic for naturopathy only.


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