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Life Within WarDISCLAIMER: This isn’t 100% Historically Acurate but It’s just for the main concept of a girl documenting her life during WW2. I also had to skip alot of days otherwise my story would be extremely long.Chapter 1Wednesday, May 3rd, 1939My name is Elizabeth Grace Stewart.  I live in London, England. I’m 12 years old and I have 4 other siblings. I’m the second oldest child, my brother Henry being the oldest. My father got me this diary for my birthday. He says I’m his little author. I’m always writing and making stories. I like to write about my day, so I can make memories and remember the fun things I’ve done. This diary is very special to me, because my dad works for the army, so I barely get to see him. But this year, but he managed to come home just in time for my birthday! “Time for school Elizabeth, wake up!” Called mom. I woke up a little drowsy, but I managed to get dressed and go downstairs in time for breakfast. George and Clara were already at the table, eating their cereal. Ramona was sitting on the couch reading a book, and Henry had already left for school.  “Good morning Elizabeth” they greeted me. I prepared myself some green tea for breakfast, and got my bag ready to leave for school. “Bye everyone!” I called as I head out the door. I don’t like it at school anymore because I don’t have any friends, my only friend was Alice J.P, and she moved recently. I don’t get to see her as often, maybe every couple of weekends. I did make a new friend, because she moved into Alice’s old house, my mother and I baked cookies to welcome them into the neighborhood. Shes a great person and is always there for me. I did have other friends, but I havent seen many of them in months. Most of them have moved to different places because of the rivalry that has been happening with Germany and Great Britian. My family is very scared but we dont have that much money to move from here.I wait at the bus stop for Genevieve, we always walk to school together. Just like Alice and I did. In no time I can see her walking up the street to the stop. “Hey Beth!” she called. “My mum said she’s going to take us out for icecream tomorrow! Don’t worry, we got your mums approval.” This reminds me of when Alice and I would hang out at the bakery down the street, I’m starting to feel like I’ve replaced Alice, but it’s not wrong to make new friends is it? “Beth are you alright?” Genevieve asked. “Oh I’m fine, I just have a lot on my plate right now.” I explained. “I understand. You know I’m always here for you Beth, and you can tell me anything. Are you still coming for icecream? It could make you feel better.” I didn’t want Gen to feel bad, I thought. “Of course, a little ice cream wouldn’t hurt!”Chapter 2Thursday, May 3rd, 1939Another boring day at school went by, the only fun part is History, when I get to secretly pass notes to Genevieve in class. Gen told me to meet her in the school lobby, so we can get our icecream. I saw her mother was waiting for us already. “Hello Mrs. Foster!” I called out to her. Soon enough Genevieve came running down the stairs. “Hi mum! Hey Beth, I’m so excited!” she exclaimed. Mrs. Foster drove us to the Icecream Parlor a couple blocks away from our school, and by the time we got there, I already had a huge craving for a cold dessert. As I walked in, I felt a wave of the faint smell of fresh strawberries, which made my apetite grow even more. Mrs. Foster was fancy and chose a Caramel Apple Gelato, Genevieve chose a Neapolitan Icecream with sprinkles, and I chose a Blueberry Frozen Yogurt with a cherry on top. It tasted delightful!Going out with Genevieve and her mother wasn’t bad at all, in fact, it did make me feel better about many things. I guess Gen was right after all. I started to realise that I haven’t replaced anyone, and Alice will always hold a special place in my heart-we practically grew up together! I hope one day Alice and Genevieve can meet and the three of us will become the best of friends.I come home to my beloved family, and warm chicken soup is waiting for me at the table. Today was a wondeful day, the best I’ve had in ages . I get cozy in bed and say my prayers before going to sleep.-2 weeks later-Thursday, May 18th, 1939Two weeks have passed, and I haven’t written much in my diary. Nothing interesting happens in my life anyway, just going to school, and coming home. I follow the same routine everyday, unlike Genevieve, on the other hand, who has a very exciting life. My family can’t afford to go on fun trips, but I am grateful for them and what I have. My hands ache from writing this much anyway, and I’m starting to lose comitment, but I always think of my father, and that’s where I get my motivation from, and I want to make him proud.Next week we are going to my grandmother’s house, because our school is temporarily closed as last night there was a terrible storm which caused flooding in the building, and needs a repair for many damaged lights and floors. Our home was slightly affected, but not much damage happened on the inside as far as we know. Another week has passed and I’m finding less and less time to sit down and write. I’ve decided I will write about the most memorable moments. Writing daily is tiring and repetetive. I wonder when I’ll write in here again, I wonder when something out of the blue happens to me at all.Chapter 3Thursday, June 29th, 1939I came home today to find my youngest sister, Clara, had gone through my diary! She tore out alot of the pages! I was furious, but she’s only 3 years old, so I forgave her. I can still gather them up and stick them inside when I get time. Yesterday was Genevieve’s birthday, and I was invited to her party. It was really fun and the food was delicious! Her mom really is a great chef. I got her a heart shaped friendship locket, with a picture of her and I inside, she was so happy.Friday, July 7th, 1939Today my father is taking me and my sister Ramona fishing. I’m so excited to get to spend time with my dad, it’s been quite a while since the last time I had. At first fishing was kind of hard, but then i got the hang of it. My sister Ramona went on a fishing trip at school, so she was a little better than I was. My grandfather always took my father fishing and he enjoyed it as a child very much. Sadly, last summer my grandfather had passed away. He was a very funny and kind person, he would tell us stories and pick me and my sibings up from school. I miss him very much.I continued to write like this, each memorable and fun thing that happens. Until one day something terrible happened. Something that I had feared would happen.Thursday, August 31st, 1939My siblings and I were listening to my dad tell us a story, when his phone rang.He answered it, and after a few moments, his face went blank. He talked to them as he walked into the other room. None of us knew what the call was for. We all had worried looks on our faces. My mom


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