Life rates transpire due to The Great Depression.

                                          Life during the Great DepressionDuring my studies on The Great Depression and its effects on the United States in 1929. The effects that impacted the United States were social and cultural changes and rates and how geographically the drought and the Dust Bowl within Midwest in the United States conditions. Finally, how effectiveness the New Deal was solving the Great Depression.The social and cultural effects of the Great Depression was grim and bleak as times were grievous as the surge in suicide, and subside birth rates transpire due to The Great Depression. Suicides rates rose on the male side as they were ashamed of their failures from being in a position to support their families. Within my research, “Suicide rates, which averaged 12.1 per 100,000 people in the early 1920s jumped to an alarming 18.9 per 100,000 people in 1929 and remained high throughout the Great Depression.” as people were feeling like a turkey and disappointed with themselves as they are the men of the house who can’t even take care of their own families. While birth rates have sharply dropped, they began to learn more about birth control to prevent unexpected children, “Birth rates fell sharply, especially during the lowest points of the Depression. More and more Americans learned about birth control to avoid the added expenses of unexpected children.”. To financially sustain themselves and have enough wealth to support the family.During The Great Depression, farmers were the ones to be hit worse by the economic issues of the depression. Farmers began to get in dept with the bank due to the reduction of the cost rate in their products. The sudden drought in the early 1930’s made the situation more laborious than it already is. Causing people to lose property to the bank, leaving them homeless or vacating their homes to find work in other states due to the conditions of the Dust Bowl. The men of the house would have their dignity stripped away as they receive help from the Federal Emergency Relief Administration, “A 1937 bulletin by the Works Progress Administration reported 21% of all rural families in the Great Plains were receiving federal emergency relief (Link et al., 1937).”. Not only did the reduction of their cost rates drop and the drought occurrence, grasshoppers population surged impassively causing farmers to go bankrupt. Many farmers couldn’t afford to buy groceries or pay their debts on their farm equipment, crops, and even their land. When the dryness and grasshoppers destroyed the crops, farmers were left with no money to pay for anything So many people moved away or lose hope causing them to take Public Works Administration to earn a couple cents/bills to survive within the Dust Bowl region.The New Deal didn’t resolve the Great Depression but only helped with relief to the people, reforming of the banks and prices, and established new programs to the United States. What the New Deal have settle was increasing economic strength and confidence within the people in America’s economic abilities. In 1933 to 1939 the United States had an increase of 60% in the economy. Consumer goods purchased increased by 40% and private investment in the industry has multiplied 5 times in 6 years. The New Deal also had many programs like Social Security, Agricultural Adjustment Act, The National Recovery Administration, The FDR, etc. To help find some relief while trying to fix unemployment, bankruptcy, and more with the New Deals Alphabet Agencies. Roosevelt mentions that the ” Most important to FDR was recovery legislation…”. They knew it will take time to fix everything but they plan to help people find jobs with the CCC and WPA and help people financially with Social Security. The Great Depression was a dreadful time of bankruptcy, geographical problems, corrupting societies and the New Deals programs that sort of helped bring people back on their feet. It just didn’t resolve the Great Depression from unemployment and financially. People suffered through overwhelming situations, some couldn’t hold on anymore so they give up on finding jobs and began feeling like a complete failure in taking care of their families and commit suicide. 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