Letter in marketing. In order to cope with

Letter of Motivation


gives me lot of pleasure to write this letter of motivation for my doctoral
studies in Hungary . I have been selected for PhD scholarship through a very
competitive selection process by Higher Education Commission, Govt. of
Pakistan. Currently, I have Completed Studies i.e MBA- Marketing from

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Institute  of  Management Sciences, PMAS Arid Agriculture
University, Shamsabad,Rawalpindi, Pakistan. PMAS Arid Agriculture University is
ranked among public sector university of the country from last many years
because of its sound research contributions by various faculties and centers of

            At the same time, school of
management sciences is facing a challenging situation as far as doctoral
faculty is concerned. There is no single faculty member with PhD in marketing. In
order to cope with the situation, university administration is motivating the
young faculty members to pursue their PhD studies abroad.

            Hungary  is my first choice as destination for my
doctoral studies. After searching on internet and a comprehensive discussion
with my fellow faculty member who has done his master from Sorbonne, Université
Paris 1, I came to know that there are 278,000 international students studying
in France and among those 25,000 are doctoral candidates. This figure shows the
strength of French higher education institutions in research at doctoral level studies.
The other most significant factor for choosing France is that both national and
international students are treated at par. There is no discrimination in fee
structure and other facilities for domestic and foreign students.

            Hungary is the cultural hub of
Europe and I will get the opportunity to learn the rich Hungarian  culture. Hungary  being most desired touristic destination also
provides the flavor of diversity. I would also get an opportunity to learn
Hungarian  language and most importantly
its distinctive and unparalleled art of living. After completing my PhD, I am
sure that I will be able to make effective contribution in Research    and I
also wish to establish strong research linkages between Hungary and Pakistan in
general and School of Management Sciences at PMAS Arid Agriculture University
and Hungarian Business Schools in particular.




Hassan ( MBA-Marketing)


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