Leisure can also use virtual reality to develop

Leisure and EntertainmentIn America, leisure is a big part of our society. This makes for more and lazier people, well that’s not the case. With more technology being invented, there is a positive way to implement it into our daily lives. Schooling is a big part of this. We can use technology in classrooms across the country. The old technology has evolved into a new breed of innovations among today’s tech world. The film industry also has a big part in leisure in society. People can also use virtual reality to develop a new way of looking at something. Technology has had a positive impact on education in America and allows for new ways of learning, access for all students, and a new way for communities to bond together.Technology has allowed for new ways of learning for everyone. New inventions in the recent trend of virtual reality can help shape the new face of schooling. In a recent journal it talks about the benefits that come with this new wave of product, “Educational institutions will benefit from better accessibility to virtual technologies; this will make it possible to teach in virtual environments that are impossible to visualize in physical classrooms, like accessing into virtual laboratories, visualizing machines, industrial plants, or even medical scenarios” (Jorge Gutierrez-Martin 464-486). Colleges could gain new and better ways of teaching subjects to the students. Visualizing different educational scenarios could improve the knowledge that students gain through a different platform. This invention can cause a new way of how we look at education. Virtual reality will impact today’s education by providing new ways of interpreting educational information. When children reach middle school, the teachers should adapt their lessons to the kids’ interests. Children now are used to different types of entertainment that are on the internet; this causes an update to the schooling curriculum. Teachers should incorporate technology into their lesson plans to increase the number of attention students will give in class. “Middle school curricula needs to be relevant to students. Therefore, educators should make time to address the forceful array of commercial interests that are aimed at early adolescents including those that aim to influence their tastes in fashion, music, leisure activities, and entertainment” (Elizabeth Smith  17-18). A drastic change should be added to schools’ curriculum because of the new wave of millennial students with different interests.The technology was invented in Greek. It is a Greek word that was used as it was invented. It means the means by which man seeks to change or manipulate his environment. “By mid-century, Technology was defined by such phrases as “the means or activity by which man seeks to change or manipulate his environment” (Britannica School). Technology is anything that man wants to make or invent to benefit his society. This causes for growing societies and environments over time as new inventions develop. Technology has advanced so much from the old days and is now used daily. In Greece, technology was logical stuff such as the wheel and canals. Today, we use computers and TV’s on a day to day basis. Technology has evolved mankind over the course of millions of years by gifting different societies different inventions to develop with.Making younger people engage in physical activities can be tough. One P.E. teacher invented a way to reduce this problem and task the kids with different experiences than normal. This helped the kids learn about leisure activities and other important skills like risk-taking, decision making, and leadership. “He engages youth in novel experiences they are intrinsically motivated to try, such as kayaking, bicycling, indoor climbing, and overnight camping. By participating in these activities, students learn not only lifelong leisure activities, but also about safety, risk, decision making, problem-solving, leadership, and communication skills while participating in physically demanding activities” (Keri Schwab and Daniel Dustin 27-31) Kids today now use technology to relax and to entertain themselves. It is important to go outdoors because you can learn key life lessons by playing or adventuring in the environment. The motion picture is an important aspect of today’s lifestyle. Today, many people go to the movie theaters to watch and enjoy movies. This idea was embedded into societies around the world and reshaped communities. Hollywood increased its film industry a lot after World War II. Two-thirds of the American population went to the movies which caused the movies to gain a lot of money. “When World War II ended, the American film industry seemed to be an ideal position” (David A. Cook Britannica School). In Hollywood, the movie also boomed because of the new jobs that were needed by actors in the city. This demanded new jobs and increased the number of people to go outside and have fun at the movies.In a nutshell, technology has boosted entertainment around the nation. With the new wave of technology products coming in, who knows what may come to our school districts, our communities, and our day to day lives. Although people may think technology is bad because of the abuse of social media, technology is good because of the innovations to our necessities in our communities. Technology is a great thing to have because it helps with buildings, medical treatment, and the process of things being made. Overall, leisure and entertainment is a mix of new innovations in technology and our society to form a new and better form of entertainment for all people.


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