Learning Paper on Rn Heals

I. Activities: KP-CHT DEPLOYMENT: We monitored the Community Health Team Deployment, so every week we go in our assigned area, to assist the CHT Partners and Midwife in the mobilization of Kalusugang Pangkalahatan or Universal Health Care Maternal and Child Health Services: Information dissemination about the importance of vaccination, nutrition, dental hygiene, pre-natal and post-natal checkups, and family planning was given emphasis to children, young adults and parents in particular to families with pregnant women during their daily checkups in Rural Health Unit.

Pantawid Pamilya Program: We ensured that all records of patient’s daily check-up are well documented and hidden especially those who are enrolled in the program, to avoid inaccuracy and complains. Nursing and Health Care Services: We took part in doing vital signs taking and documenting the concerns of every patient approaching to have their health check. We assessed the needs and problems of patients and collaborate with the health team for proper management, treatment and referral. II. Learning/ Insights:j Human behavior can be modified.

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Achievement of one program will lead to success if there is an active participation of one team or community, proper information dissemination in additional to the help of community leaders and members will make one goal more possible. III. Issues/ Concerns: Almost all of the CHT Partners does not have enough financial aids. They’re serving another family but their own family may have an increase health risks due to poor financial benefits. IV:Recommendations: Financial benefits for the CHT Partners for their better compliance in the program of KP-CHT Mobilization.


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