Last Tom Robinson in a case of rape.

Last week in Maycomb country, many people had come to courtto see Atticus Finch defend Tom Robinson in a case of rape. There were so many people that some even had to stand in theback of the court. In this case, Mr. Tom Robinson was accused of raping Mrs. Mayella Ewell. Mayella told the judge: “That Negeroe yonder took advantage of me!” Tom Robinson has been working on Mr. Link Dea his farm for 8           ^ Atticus Finch (left) and Tom Robinson (right) in a case years.                                                                                                                                                               for justice.” he’s worked for me for eight years, I didn’t expect him to do anything like this at all.”During the trial, Tom Robinson was accused of raping Mayella Ewell inside the house of the Ewells. Mayella was wounded which everyone would be able to recognise this by looking at her right eye which was blackened. The fact that her right eye was blackened suggested that a left-handed person had hit her. Having this information, Atticus Finch tried to accuse Mr. Bob Ewell of mistreating Mayella. Atticus Finch did this in an attempt to show the jury that Mr. Robinson couldn’t have committed the crime, because he was right-handed while Mr. Bob Ewell was left-handed.During the trial, Mrs. Ewell and Mr. Robinson both had to tell their sides of the story to the jury. Their stories were completely different however. Mrs. Ewells side of the story was that she had invited Mr. Robinson to her home to do some chores in the garden. He had then followed her into the house where he struck her in the face and took advantage of her. Mr. Robinson’s side of the story was much different. He told the jury that Mrs. Ewell kissed him on the face saying that she had never kissed a ‘negroe’. He told the jury he didn’t harm her and that he wanted to get away from Mrs. Ewell when Mr. Bob Ewell came in. Whenever he had seen Mr. Ewell, he ra naway according to him. That was also the reason why people thaugt he was guilty. When Mr. Finch asked him why he ran, Mr. Robinson answered by saying: “Mr. Finch, if you were a negroe just like me, you would have been sacred too.”After Mr. Atticus Finch had given a long and convincing speech, the jury still found Mr. Tom Robinson guilty of raping Mrs. Mayella Ewell. After the jury’s verdict, there was a lot of noise in the building. Some people were disagreeing with the verdict and spoke out their disappointment about the, according to them, ‘racist jury’. However, there were people who agreed with the jury’s verdict and congratulated Mrs. and Mr. Ewell. After the jury’s verdict, Mr. Atticus Finch stoke everyone: “It’s not time to worry yet.” He told people that there will be an appeal. You could see everyone staying at Mr. Robinson’s side, all told us that it was a case about skin colour more than facts. With this ‘racist jury’ Mr. Robinson had no chance of winning this case according to them.. the real question which remains however is: was Mr. Tom Robinson really guilty, or was just found guilty because of his skin colour.


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