Laser ,the quality of cut highly dependent on

Laser acronym given to “light amplification by stimulated emission of
electromagnetic radiation” is used to produce a beam of light of monochromatic
coherent light. Its
property of spatial coherence allows laser to be focused on a small point which
allows the laser to be used in many medical and industrial purpose .In
manufacturing industry it is used in many applications ranging from small hole
drilling, wielding to cutting of thick metal sheets with relative high
tolerance and precision. Laser is considerably used in many fields as
it doesn’t require special medium like Vacuum or gas shielding for its
operational purpose 1, 2.


Laser in
manufacturing that are generally used are solid state laser (ex ND-YAG) or gas
state laser (ex CO2).the classification of laser is based on the
medium which is used to excite so it produce laser. ND: YAG (neodymium
yttrium-aluminium-garnet) is a laser of relative shorter wavelength (1.03µm) in
near infrared region and are exactly ten times smaller and generally not
absorbed by organic materials but used in cutting of reflective materials, while
the CO2 have larger wavelength and is completely infrared
and easily absorbed by the organic material and also appreciable reflection for
reflective materials such as aluminium 1,3.

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Laser cutting has
many advantages compared to the conventional machine as providing high quality
of cut ,minimum material loss in processing ,maintain high precision and
accuracy2 ,easily automated
but has significant drawback also like high input cost ,the quality of cut
highly dependent on the input variables so for proper maintain the tolerances
the process parameters are needed to be optimized which vary from material to
material and also the microstructural changes in the cut surface are needed to
be monitored as due to rapid cooling may generate undesired effect on the cut
surface which my lead to failure 4.


Carbon dioxide laser
are increasingly used in the aircraft, nuclear decommissioning, automotive
parts, structural components, and medical purposes and offer no tool wear 2, 6.laser cutting has
many potential in cutting both conductive and non conductive material ,polymers
composite ,metals ,ceramics7


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