Labor population growth, level of urbanization, minimum wage

force participation is the efficiency of the economy to utilize available human
resources. In this proposed study, we would attempt to assess the determinants
of labor force participation among Technical and Vocational Education and
Training (TVET) graduates in the Philippines. We would like to evaluate the  socioeconomic and demographic characteristics
such as age, gender, marital status, delivery mode of TVET trainings, poverty
incidence, population growth, level of urbanization, minimum wage rate for
non-agricultural sector and Regional Gross Domestic Product Per Capita (RGDPPC)
that may have influence the employment status among these graduates. This paper
would provide empirical evidence on how these given factors would influence the
participation of graduates in the labor market and  determine of how the economic development
correlates with the labor force participation.

this study, we would use primary data of 2014
Study of the Employability of Graduates
from Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) and secondary
data from Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA). For our analyses, we will use
probability model particuarly Probit model since we will  have a binary dependent variable which is the  labor force participation. Education plays an
important role on the employment status of the individual,thus, we surmise that
education is an endogenous variable. To further enrich our analysis, two-step
probit will also be used to address this endogeneity problem. In this case, we
will use having college education as 
instrumental variable.  

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Moreover,  this research will provide contributions on
policy making such as improving the employability of TVET graduates and TVET
programs as well. Also, this study could be  a reference work for  who wish to intend similar research and this would
also provide pertinent materials for the employers/TVET industry partners in
strengthening the competitiveness of TVET graduates.


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