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Keith D. NguyenMs. LicitraEnglish 11 Honors16 January 2018Introduction1984 was written by George Orwell and published on June 8th, 1949. The story takes place in London on 1984, in which Oceania was at war during the time. The main conflict of the story is between Winston Smith, the protagonist, and the Party. Although Winston was a member of the Outer Party, he was still against them because of how the Party itself controls the way the people think and what they should do. Winston also worked in the Ministry of Truth, in which they rewrote history and changed facts. In 1984, the system consisted of the Inner Party (upper class), the Outer Party (middle class), and the Proles (lower class). The Inner and Outer Party were monitored by telescreens, which made it capable to be spied on, and microphones, but the Proles were not because they were seen as people who were worthless. The Proles had the most freedom compared to the rest of the Party because they were not spied on, they were able to drink alcohol, and gamble to be entertained. The Thought Police were the secret police of Oceania, who find out if people are having thoughts of a rebellion against the Party and punish them. Plot StepsWinston Smith writes a diary, in which he writes down his own thoughts against Big Brother and the Party. This wasn’t allowed, so he realizes what his punishment will be if he were to be caught by the Thought Police. Later on, Winston meets Julia and they begin to have an emotional connection and had the same feelings about the Party, which wasn’t permitted because it goes against the Party. The two of them end up having intercourse, which shows that the both of them want to rebel against the Party.Winston mentions how he doesn’t like rats. This foreshadows his fear of rats would be used against him.O’Brien, who is a member of the Inner Party, reveals to Winston that he is supposedly a part of the Brotherhood. Winston ends up trusting him. Winston and Julia get arrested by the Thought Police, and they find out Mr. Charrington was one of them. Mr. Charrington was the man who allowed Winston to rent the room that had no telescreen.With Winston’s fear of rats, O’Brien uses that against him to force him to betray Julia. Because of this, it shows how far Big Brother would go in order to have control over the people. Julia and Winston run into each other and end up confessing their betrayals to each other. Important Quotes/Passages In the beginning of the story, wherever Winston goes he continues to see a poster that has a caption that says, “Big Brother Is Watching You”(Orwell 2). This is important within the story because it’s a reminder to the people that they are being spied on wherever they go. Because of this, it strikes fear in the people if they have any thought of rebelling against the Party. The people live in constant fear of being caught by the Thought Police and being punished. Thus, the quote, “Big Brother Is Watching You”(Orwell 2) is important. While in his cubicle, Winston repeatedly wrote down his diary, “DOWN WITH BIG BROTHER”(Orwell 18). His choice of writing this shows that he was ultimately against the Party and how they control people. This sets the idea that Winston would rebel against the Party, but he knows the consequences of being caught trying to rebel.Conflicts Man vs. Society: This would be Winston Smith vs. the Party because of how Winston is rebelling against the Party, but also fears of being caught by them as well.Man vs. Self: Winston vs. himself because although he works for the Party and helps the Party, he panics when writing his thoughts that were against the Party. Significant Realization The significant realization that Winston had in the story was that the only way for the Party to be destroyed was by the Proles. He mentioned this because he realizes that the Proles aren’t being controlled by the Party. Out of the three classes, the Proles are the only ones who are not being monitored or spied on by the Party and they have the most freedom. Thus, they would be the only ones who would be able to rebel against the Party because of the freedom they have and how they are the majority of the population.Important Choice The turning point within the story was when Winston and Julia decide to have a meeting with O’Brien, a supposed member of the Brotherhood, and join him. Things begin to change when O’Brien asks if they were ready to separate, and they end up saying “no”. Later on after the meeting, the Thought Police barged into their rented room and arrested them, which later led up to them being tortured to betray each other.


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