Kathy, for reflection. Most people view introverts as

               Kathy, as the CEO of Fashion
Designs, a company specially focused on designing upmarket clothing for women and
children, found it more beneficial if the office layout was converted into an
open-layout to promote creativity and teamwork. After doing this with the help
of a designer, Fernando, an introvert, had complains to rise against this
layout. He preferred working alone and uninterrupted. As the CEO of the
company, Cathy may decide to make few changes to the layout to accommodate both
extroverts and introverts. The likes of Fernando might be given options to work
at home or in environments where their creativity flows seamlessly for a period
of time to keep productivity alive. This will keep them focused and undisturbed
from all the interruptions they might find in the office. The office might as
well accommodate introverts by providing quiet spaces where they can be allowed
to work on their own without disturbances. It is important that these spaces be
available in an office to accommodate those who love silence. A
change-management plan might be in order as well. Yes the layout is an open one
but inclusion of altercations in the future might be helpful as well.

Fashion design might decide to keep the open office layout alive. The
introverts might be involved in different ways. They might be given their time
and space for reflection. Most people view introverts as lonely but in reality,
them being on their own is their source of creativity (Kahnweiler, 2012). That
is especially when their brains run wild with ideas especially in the case of a
new project. They also are great researchers and wonderful listeners. This can
be an advantage if used properly in an open office setup. It is important to
note everyone’s strength and use it to benefit everyone around you. This is one
of their strengths, if used efficiently it can have great impacts on the
company. There are numerous ways used to solve problems in an office. One of
which is response. Response can be a brilliant way of incorporating introverts
into the discussions had. They are intelligent people. By asking them for their
views in forms that are easy for them, example written proposals, involvement
in the layout can be achieved.

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Individual differences all come from personal characteristics. It is the
manner in which we all act or react differently to similar situations. These
situations might include environment like the one in the office mentioned
above. The design consultant created a space that was biased to one type of
people forgetting to incorporate the other side. The consultant needs much help
in identifying preferences from both ends and coming up with a common ground
for both sides. It is clear that introverts like their own space and privacy,
which reflect in the productivity of the company. On the other hand, extroverts
perform better in open spaces. It is prudent to note these two differences and
come up with an environment that can accommodate both of these parties. Both
are important to the company and need to be treated with much importance.


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