Junk will make overweight lose calories. Eating none

Junk Food in schools should not be allowed
anymore. students choose unhealthy foods because it tastes better than healthy
foods. Schools should be only serving healthy foods for students for different
foods. replacing junk foods vending machines in school with nutrition vending machines
will make overweight lose calories. Eating none nutrition foods will make
impact on health.

    Junk food
products carry fats sugar sodium, less calories and carbohydrates. Seniors face
diabetes and suffer through obese. Some products don’t put the correct
nutrition results of the junk foods. Future humans face heart diseases, heart
attack, and stroke. Humans could continue eating junk foods their blood
pleasure will rise and lead to seizes and suffer type 2 diabetes.

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    Any foods
that are fired fast foods, contain sugar, sweets, genetic food are junk. Eating
junk foods can also lead to big health bills. I Disagree with junk school for
it leads to health problems in future. Eating junk foods can also be an
addicted. people buy fast foods of the taste and how cheap it is than getting
healthy foods. Bad foods also release a toxic that scientist believe it can
gain weight faster. Than health and nutrition foods.

Government is
trying to get rid of the massive population in United States. My theory is they
want us to die by the age to 40-50. Some products even put ingredients in the
nutrition results. One in three American children and teens are overweight or
obese. Triple in the last 4 decades. It is hard to get on a diet when there are
fast foods wanting to get they. It is not about letting students make healthy
chose, students depend on eating bad foods. foods for
Healthy foods.

   Students will
learn how to eat healthy and the truth about the symptoms of fast foods students
will eat much healthy and live longer without the poisons foods. Fast foods
also give bad energy and might affect in future generations. Schools should
swap the junk foods for Healthy foods.


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