John which led to him speaking 7 languages

John Quincy Adams was one of the most
controversial presidents in US history. Many opinions have been spoken about
him that have conflicting sides. Many say he failed as a president because he
wasn’t a good politician in a generation that needed one, but some also say he
was very successful at starting a national program due to the fact he was a
republican who supported a strong central government.

            John Quincy
Adams was born on July 11, 1767 in Massachusetts. He was 5’7 and very smart. He
studied at European universities which led to him speaking 7 languages fluently
including English, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, German, and Russian. His
father was John Adams, who was also a US president and his mother was Abigail
Adams. One of his best quotes is, “Always vote for principle, though you may
vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote was
never lost.” During
the year of 1775, he watched history be made. Him and his mother sat at the top
of a hill and watched the Battle of Bunker Hill unravel before them. In 1785,
he went to Harvard College and graduated two years later. He then started to
practice law in 1790. In 1817, John Q Adams was named secretary of state for
James Monroe. After working in that department for a while, he joined a 5 way
race for presidency in 1824. Andrew Jackson won the popular vote and for the
first time in US history, there was no majority in Electoral College votes. Therefore,
they took it to the House of Representatives to decide upon. Speaker Clay put
his support behind Adams, which resulted in the election of John Q Adams as United
States president. During his presidency he had a pet alligator that was given
to him by a French general who led troops in important battles. It lived in the
unfinished room in the east wing that had a bathtub for the animal. He was
inaugurated on March 4, 1825 where he said his famous quote, “If your actions
inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a

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            His four
year term was very hard and frustrating due to the stubborn acts of congress. His
lack in presidential accomplishments is partly due to the fact that he
struggled to get congress to agree on many things, and he was not known to be a
very good politician, meaning that we was not good at using manipulative
techniques to put things in his favor. He helped form the Monroe Doctrine which
opposed European colonialism. He also did things such as help negotiate the
Treaty of Ghent in 1814, led the fight for antislavery petitions, founded the
Smithsonian Institution, and gained Florida from Spain.

            The Treaty
of Ghent was the peace making document that ended the War of 1812. Adams had a
very important role in the making of this peace because he spoke for the
country. He played a very defensive role, making sure he did not back down and
give up on all the things he wanted for the US. Adams argued with the British
until they became frustrated with the long negotiations and gave in on their
high demands. John was also a very important part of the making of the Monroe
Doctrine, which helped design the foreign policies we have now. The Monroe
Doctrine was a foreign policy that helped separate Americas influence from Europe’s.
It basically stated that the US was not to be involved with European Affairs
and no European colonies could be put into the western hemisphere. If there was
to be any European colonies in the west, the US would treat this as an act of
war. Not only did Adams argue for the Monroe doctrine, he argued against the
idea for the US and Great Britain to use this policy together. He believed it
belonged to the western hemisphere, so in conclusion it is saying that the
Europeans can deal with their half and we can deal with ours separately. Adams
worked vigorously on the Florida Purchase Treaty, which is also known as the
Transcontinental Treaty, which led to us buying Florida from Spain. The
agreement was that the United States could claim West Florida as long as
America claimed liability for the $5 million of damage Americans made to Spain
in acts of rebellion.

 While all of these are amazing
accomplishments, most of them were made when he was not yet the president,
making his presidency insignificant compared to his life around it. Many of the
crucial events of our history that John Q Adams influenced were when he was a
secretary of state such as his work on the Monroe Doctrine and other work on
the Florida Purchase Treaty. This led to him being known for much more negative
things such as his lack of political skills and focused interest in Central

            John Q Adams
was overall very successful in some ways, but he was not very beneficial as a
president which is probably why he was the second ever president not to be
reelected for  second term, the first
being his father John Adams. Adams refused to campaign to be reelected because he
believed it should not be about popularity, but more about who the people
believed would make the best leader. He made several advances toward central
government during his term, but overall he was not favored very much by the

            On February
21, 1848, John Quincy Adams passed away. It was the same day that he had a
debate on whether or not they need to suggest a resolution to the Military
Affairs Committee which Adams voted negatively on. Not long after this meeting
John collapsed and Washington Adams brought it to the attention of others. He
was moved to the speakers’ room, but ended up in a coma and died two days
later. His funeral was on February 26, 1848 in the house chamber and he was
buried in the Congressional Cemetery.


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