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Jabare SlocumJeanne Murcia Introduction to Internet19 January 2018Internet and Web ThreatsA criminal hacker is an individual who uses technical skill to gain unauthorized or illegal access to a system or network in order to commit a crime. Criminal hackers are constantly adapting and thinking of new ways to hack into a system. They search for a vulnerability within that system or network to exploit. To prevent that from happening you can start using stronger passwords to protect your personal information. Most people use simple to crack passwords that any decent hacker would be able to bypass within a minute or hours at best. When checking your email, never click on a link that looks or seems suspicious. Always keep your system and apps updated; hackers are always trying to discover new breaches or holes in certain apps. So certain companies release updates to deal with these breaches. Hackers are just some of the threats that are present when using the internet; you must also protect yourself against viruses, adware, and spyware.Viruses are a type of malicious software program that has the ability to replicate itself by altering computer programs and inserting its own code. There are a number of ways for a virus to infect your computer. Opening email attachments or links from an unknown source link shared through social media, and unwanted pop-up windows increase the chances of infection. When dealing with viruses make sure your software is up to date, just like with hackers. You could also try installing antivirus software to reinforce security. Web browsers have the ability to stop pop-up Slocum windows and allow you set the security when getting a pop-up.Adware is a type of program that is designed to display advertisements on a computer, redirect search requests to advertising websites and gather marketing data about the individual. This type of web threat is less inconspicuous than a virus. Adware is basically advertising malware that causes an unwanted advertisement to pop-up when you’re online. Sometimes when closing one another one opens up, at times it can seem endless. These adware pop-ups can also slow down your computer, constant loading of advertisements takes processing power. With the help of your browser, you can block certain scripts from running. One other option is installing anti-malware software to detect and clean adware from your computer.Spyware is a type of software that is installed on the user’s computer without their knowledge, collects personal information on that person or organization that it may send to another entity over the internet. Just recently spyware posing as apps, such as WhatsApp and Signal stole data from up to 20 countries. The data was taken from mobile Android devices, where people store most of their personal information. Spyware is a serious threat because it can make fake apps function as the real thing. This usually happens when people download an app containing the malware. To better protect yourself you need to download anti-spyware software, be cautious of certain links to websites, and look out for pop-ups. Make sure your firewall is active and keep every piece of software updated.


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