Ivan and helped the psychologist today. His impact

Ivan Pavlov has had a huge impact on physiology and psychology. He discovered many things and helped the psychologist today. His impact on classical conditioning helped shaped behaviorism and many other things. Pavlov helped determine how animals and humans act and why they act that way. Without his discoveries, psychology could be different today.On September 14, 1849, Ivan Petrovich Pavlov was born in Ryazan, Russia. Pavlov father was a priest and growing up Pavlov attended a church school and later a seminary. During 1870 Ivan Pavlov decided to stop studying at the seminary and enrolled at the University of St. Petersburg (Gant, 2017). While at the University Pavlov decided to study chemistry and physiology. After he graduated he moved to Germany and studied under Carl Ludwig who was a Cardiovascular physiologist and Rudolf Heidenhain who was a Gastrointestinal physiologist (Grantt, 2017). Pavlov chose to research the circulatory system. Pavlov got married to Seraphima Vasilievna Karchevskaya in 1881. Ivan Pavlov chose to research the physiology of the circulatory system as his first study. Later Pavlov became a very skilled surgeon and was able to show the strength of the heartbeat by looking at the nerves that lead to the cardiac plexus. Pavlov was also able to show how the vagus nerves affect the heart (Gantt, 2017). After these accomplishments, Pavlov became a professor of physiology at Imperial Medical Academy in 1890 till he resigned in 1924. In 1930 Pavlov developed a procedure that allowed him to study gastrointestinal secretion in an animal (Gantt, 2017). Pavlov had many accomplishments in his career that had a big influence on medicine.   Ivan Pavlov had many interests, but his main interest was the study of physiology and natural sciences. He started to make his way into psychology when he was doing a study on dogs and noticed their mouths started to salivate before they received food (Cherry, 2017). This is what lead to his influence on the development of behaviorism. Behaviorism is a theory of learning that state all behaviors are based on the way something is conditioned (McLeod, 2017). Pavlov had a huge impact on psychology and the techniques we use today.   Ivan Pavlov’s knowledge of Behaviorism helped us discover how humans and animals react to natural things. I find it very interesting that our bodies can see, hear, or taste something and react a certain way without even realizing it. I think this discovery is very important and knowing how someone reacts to something makes them who they are. That is why I think Ivan Pavlov is a very important psychologist.


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