It’s Island, 13 provinces have emerged. The capital

It’s a country in Southeast
Asia. Between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, the southernmost of the
Malay (Kra) Peninsula and the northern part of the greater Borneo Island, 13
provinces have emerged. The capital
of the country is Kuala Lumpur. The population of the country is 31 million and
the surface area is 329,847 km². Regional language of Malaysia is Malay and
beside English and Chinese are common languages. The currency of Malaysia is
1US dollar equal to 4.4 Ringgit(1$=4.4ringgit). The main trade alliances are
Singapore, China, Japan, USA and Thailand.

Major export items:
electronic integrated circuits and micro assemblies, petroleum gases, petroleum
oils, crude oil, palm oil & fractions, crude oil, automatic data processing
machines, optical readers, etc. Major import items: electronic integrated
circuits and micro assemblies, synthetic Petroleum oils, crude oil oils,
transistors & semiconductors Semiconductor Diode; Electrical accessories
for line phones. According to the resources, Malaysia is a country which has
high import volume. 

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LPI(Logistic Performance
Index) was created by the World Bank to measure countries’ performance in
logistics. These metrics are generated and sorted by asking a number of
logistics companies in each country who are categorized to employees and
managers, and by determining the points of the answers. There are 6 criteria
for measuring which are:

§ The efficiency of customs and border
management clearance

§ The quality of trade and transport

§ The ease of arranging competitively priced

§ The competence and quality of logistics

§ The ability to track and trace consignments

§ The frequency with which shipments reach
consignees within scheduled or expected delivery times


LPI was first created
in 2007 and was repeated in 2010 and after following every two years, 2012,
2014, 2016. In this context, we will examine logistic performance of Malaysia,
good and bad things in this process about Malaysia and approaching according to
the LPI 2016 results of Malaysia


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